Saturday, June 18, 2011

Domain Name Pending

As I write this, I am about done with Blogger. You've been good to me for about 4 years, but I'm moving.

I've purchased my own domain name and will be setting it up today... while Chris takes care of the tree that broke the fence and the branches that are on the roof...

My new website will still be a blog format, using WordPress. I'm going to focus on blogging about being a mother and wife, however I'm hoping to be able to really get back into theater when we move back to New England so hopefully there will be theater posts. Of course crafts will still be shared. But there is a main development I'll be working on. Making LIFE CENTER STAGE.

Life is so precious and we are given so many opportunities in life. I want to celebrate those opportunities and giving back to life as well by means of doing good deeds, charity, volunteering and helping others.

Stay tuned for!

Insta-Friday S1:E3 - Rain Delay

Ok, so this delay wasn't entirely my fault! I sat down last night, turned on my old cricketty laptop that takes about 20 minutes to load and a storm rolled in. I was sitting on the couch in front of our big living room windows when the power started flickering, and I heard a crack and something hitting the side of the house. I moved away from the windows!

But we got lucky! For as many HUGE trees we have in our yard we only lost one dead shrub (that I wanted pulled out anyway) and a small tree near the end of our driveway snapped. Again, we were lucky and it broke off and fell in the opposite direction than our cars, but it did bust our fence and land on the neighbors lawn

We lost power until sometime in the middle of the night and I didn't have Internet to post my Insta-Friday. However, I had a GREAT night with my husband!!! We had put Aidan to bed and we sat on the couch with a candle going, windows open (since the storm only lasted 15 minutes) and talked! It was fabulous. The storm happened around 7:30-8:00 and we ended up staying up chatting until nearly midnight.

Here's where our tree went down. It's going to be a mess to clean up today because the tree had grown around the fencing, but the hubby is excited. He has an excuse to get out his chainsaw!

This is not our trashcan! We were out assessing the damage and a neighbor (across the street and 2 houses down) was outside doing the same but he appeared to be looking for something... his trashcan! At least our fence was up enough to catch it, otherwise who knows where it would have went!

Back to our regularly scheduled Insta-Friday... Wednesday Aidan had a NICU follow-up appointment. 6 months ago they wanted to see him at least one more time because he wasn't growing like he had been before turning 1. He's been slipping off the growth charts and they wanted to see him put on some weight. Well he gained 1 lb. and grew nearly 1.5 inches, but his growth pattern still isn't like they want. However, since we are moving in August, they graduated him anyway. They just want our new pediatrician to closely monitor his growth and especially his head growth. They also wanted him to draw a circle. At first I was upset with the appointment, but I'm over it now. I have a small child who IS growing and I think he's super smart! He knows 8 colors, all his letters and what sounds they make, numerous shapes and can count to 5! But most importantly HE GRADUATED from NICU appointments!

Thursday he came to work with me and he takes his afternoon nap in a pack-n-play... this was just too cute not to take a picture of. I'm really not sure how he was comfortable!
Thursday night I had the night to myself. And while I absolutely LOVE my family and know I am truly blessed to spend every day with them, I don't tend to get out on my own and spend time with girl friends very often. I was invited to a Thirty-One party that evening and had a nice time chatting with some wonderful ladies. I even picked myself up a case for my Kindle. It's technically the make-up roll case, but it fits a Kindle perfectly on one side and has an extra pocket on the other.

I had another photo, but Blogger is being obnoxious again, so I'm not hunting it down and dealing with it. Let's just say it was a trophy shot. It was a screen shot on the file manager with the printer we use. 210 pages uploaded, processed and approved... the catalog for work is done... well it's out of my hands anyway!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Just a minor rant... I'm just about fed up with Blogger's formatting issues. My first blog was in April 2007, and I'm seriously thinking about leaving Blogger. But where do I go? Should I have my own domain name?

I'd like to get serious about my blogging again, and I'd like to make a difference with my blog again. I lost many many followers when I was no longer struggling with infertility. Sad... but it happens.

My blogger idol is Joy's Hope. Her message is clear, heck, it's written across the banner of her blog, "Do Something Good Everyday". It's how I try to live my life, and what I want to pass on to my son. I think having a blog is a great way to promote, share, inspire and encourage not only others, but MYSELF!

I think my goal with our big move back to New England will be to slow down and step up. I don't want to live my life to work, and pleasing co-workers, clients and bosses. I want to live my life enjoying my son and my husband. I no longer care if I make a difference in the business world. I care if I make a difference in THE WORLD.

Maybe I'll take some time to decide where my blogging is going, what I want to do, the message I want to send, and then say goodbye to "Sayers Journey" at Blogspot... (bittersweet) I do have a website for Aidan, which I never update, I just want him to have his own domain. I should use that website for Aidan updates! Hmmm... what do you think?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Insta-Friday S1:E2 - Delayed

Well, I couldn't just do one Insta-Friday and then bail, but I have been super busy at work, even working on Sunday. To say I'm exhausted from work is an understatement. But here's a look at last week....

This is my pup... she was looking all sad, but I think she was just hot.

Aidan loves playing with his Matchbox cars. These were his very first ones. I think Daddy is having just as much fun! I do wish the iphone had a flash though!

Last weekend I actually got to work on a scrapbook! This is really sad though. It was intended as a maternity gift for a friend. I also made her a quilt for her baby girl, Molly. Molly is now nearly 4 months old! And I just finished the scrapbook. What makes this really sad is that this scrapbook doesn't have photos! It's just an 8x8 with photo-corners for one 4x6 photo on a page. It's just simple layouts. But it's done! Finally!

Two days a week I bring Aidan to work with me. On this day, cutting through the breezeway from the main office to my office Aidan discovered the ant trail. Every time we went by we had to stop and talk to the ants, and before we left, Aidan would always say "bye ants!". He's just the sweetest!

And then he proceeded to pull all my post-it stickers out of the package... they were everywhere! I even found one stuck to his sock when we got home that night!

We're in the midst of catalog production right now. We have approximately 10 days to go from a database of 550 items to a complete, camera ready, 200+ page pdf, complete with a photo and description for every item, sent to the printers. We were also in the midst of a heat wave. This is the 2nd heat wave since Memorial day. 100 degree, humid weather, and the stress of being the only person that can run InDesign in the office, means a Dew Day!

And here's proof of the heat wave! I don't show my legs in anything other than capris unless it's a formal occasion. I definitely do not wear skirts/dresses/shorts to work! It's very casual at work. But it's too darn hot to have anything on the legs!!!

My poor family suffers during catalog production as well. This was my idea of cooking last week. We also had pizza, and went out for BBQ. And since I can't remember what else we ate, I really hope I fed my family! Kidding... I did... I think....

We were invited to a BBQ on Saturday by my co-worker. It was nice to get invited someplace, we usually spend weekends with just the 3 of us. The kids had brought a sprinkler thing but the hose wouldn't reach out front where all the adults were, so buckets of water were brought out for the kids to play in. We really weren't sure if Aidan would get in or not, considering he had just pitched a fit that the grass was wet! Well, he did. And we hadn't packed him any change of clothes! He went home in just a diaper... but he had a blast!

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Insta-Friday S1:E1

So I read a blog, which links me to another blog, which links me to another blog and I end up loving them all. I absolutely love how so many blogs inspire me. And while we all know how well my writing is doing (or not doing), I'm trying another new blog thing.
I admire how many bloggers that I follow, blog VERY regularly. Something I can't seem to grasp no matter how much I try. But this may just get me going. It's called Insta-Friday. I'm copying Joy's Hope and Life Rearranged and using the instagram app on my iphone. I've always been envious of the cool looking photos, now I know how to get them! So here's my catch up on insta-friday.
Note: These were not all taken today. It's a catch up/intro post.
This is from today... it's my inspiration. By the way, if you're an instragram user, jsayers77 is my username, feel free to follow!
I also got this inspiration addiction from Joy's Hope as well. How can someone so sweet, teach you of such evil? I kid, but it's good!
The pup is ready to move! Here she is sitting so peacefully, watching us load of the van for the first moving trip to Massachusetts. She had a good time in New England too and I think she's going to like living there as much as I will!
This is me... with professional hair and make up for my small screen debut... or the local commercial for the cancer center... but seriously, I actually used my BA this day. And I had fun, and I got paid. Definitely got the acting blood bubbling again!
Can anything be more fun than blanket forts with Dad? My son doesn't think so!!!
And there's my first installment of Insta-Friday. Join in the fun here!
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