Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Next Step

See, I'm not very good at keeping up with these journal things. Oh well. Maybe I'll get better some day. So last time I left off I had just had the LAP surgery and was about to start clomid, well...

I had a doctor's appointment on Friday the 13th (which had always been a good day for me), and I got to talk to Dr. O'Brien without being on pain meds! I went in and it was basically a question/answer session and then he looked at my incisions, which by the way healed very nicely. I started out by asking him what exactly was wrong. He said really not much. He said my uterus was tipped back which wasn't an abnormal variance. He mentioned that at the time I had the HSG scan my tubes just happened to have been under the uterus so it appeared that there wasn't any dye flowing from the ends. He said there was no damage, no blockage, everything looked good.

Well then, why the heck can't I get pregnant! I felt like we were back at square one. He said that most women, if they are menstruating regularly they figure they're ovulating regularly as well. He said that's not always the case and wanted to start me on clomid which will force me to ovulate basically. That was all fine and dandy but the LAP had caused me to be a few days late and I was leaving for Chicago for an auction on the 24th. Clomid puts you on a very set schedule. Start period, on day 3 start clomid, take 1 pill every day for 5 days, then 7 days later I would ovulate. Well we got out the calendar and figured I would have to start my period on Tuesday or later in order to ovulate while Chris and I were in the same state! I decided that if I started before Tuesday I would just hold off on the clomid this month, save the money on the perscription and we'd try the following month with clomid. Well my period came on Sunday.

I was all set with my decision but when my period came I couldn't help but feel upset. I had moving full speed ahead with all of this and now here I am coming to a screeching halt. I talked to Chris about it, who is very laid back about it all and keeps me in check. We decided that this month we would try on our own. I still had a few ovulation predictor strips and I could use them until I went to Chicago. Just see if I could ovulate on my own and maybe just maybe it would happen early enough that Chris and I could catch that egg!

I'm now on CD 7 and I haven't had a positive OPK yet. I've got 6 left and 3 days until I leave for Chicago. Wow, only CD 7, it already feels like it's been forever. All I can do is impatiently wait though.

Even though I got upset and was feeling pretty blue about having to skip this month I really have to be thankful for what I do have. I have a great husband that is there for me and keeps me sane. And I really am healthy! Before the LAP I was so scared that they would tell me I couldn't have children, and they told me everything was ok. I need to just step back and remember that. I am healthy and I can have children... I just have to wait our turn.

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