Saturday, May 12, 2007

Operation Clomid

Last time I left off I was about to head to Chicago for an auction and Chris and I were trying - all natural! I was tracking changes in my body and thought that I may have been fertile right before I left. I was very excited and thought we had a great chance.

I went to the auction, stayed busy and didn't think about it much. Came back and work was busy. Then about a week and a half ago I started to get my hopes up. I was having neausea spells and I was really tired. I wasn't sleeping through the night, having crazy dreams and nightmares. I started symptom spotting every little twinge my body had. I thought for sure we did it. Tuesday I left work early. I was having really bad dizzy spells accompanied by neausea. I had Chris come pick me up from work and take me to the emergency room. I was told I had Labrynthitis... very similar to vertigo, basically an infection in my inner ear causing the vertigo and dizzy feelings. The doctor perscribed something similar to Dramamine 2. I had my hopes up that it was pregnancy but they never even tested. Thursday my period came.

I thought I was going to be devistated, but I wasn't. Actually I was numb. I felt nothing. I think I've had every emotion about it already and just didn't have the energy for it. Instead I decided I would fill my clomid perscription.

I did call my doctor on Wednesday though to make sure the labrynthitis wouldn't affect the clomid and that if I needed to take more meds for the labrynthitis I could. (I had taken 1 pill on Tuesday and was tired for about 24 hours I didn't really want to take anymore!) But Dr. O'Brien let me know that I could take the 2 together and it was alright. He said to call him when I started and we would map out the month on clomid. So I called him again on Friday. I let him know I started Thursday and had planned on taking the clomid on CD3. So here's the plan for the month:

I started 50mg of clomid today. I will continue to take it for 5 days. 7 days later I should ovulate (May 23rd) and then I will have blood work done on June 1st to check my progesterone levels. Progesterone is the hormone that elevates after ovulation. It prepares the uterine wall for implantation of the fertilized egg. However if you do not ovulate there will not be an increase in the progesterone hormone. Therefore, by having the blood work done Dr. O'Brien will be able to determine if I did ovulate and if the 50mg was enough. If there isn't a rise in progesterone, then he'll increase the dosage and we'll try again the following month.

I just realized I've been rattling off test names, drugs and tests without any explination of what they are. And actually getting pregnant isn't really an "easy" process. Here's a few medical explinations of things:

First - the cycle - Your cycle is composed of the following phases:
Menses: This is your period. You are generally not fertile at this time.
Follicular Phase: The follicular phase extends from the beginning of the cycle until ovulation. During this phase the ovarian follicles develop and mature and your body prepares for ovulation. One follicle becomes dominant as the phase progresses. The length of this phase can vary from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle. You are most fertile at the end of this phase during the days just before and including ovulation. The hormone estrogen dominates this phase.
Ovulation: This is the event that divides the follicular and luteal phases. Triggered by a surge of luteinizing hormone (LH), the ovarian follicle ruptures and releases the ovum which can then be fertilized.
Luteal Phase: This is the time from ovulation until the end of the cycle. If you conceive, the fertilized egg will implant in your uterine lining roughly 7-10 days into this phase. If there is no conception, the uterine lining will shed (this is your period) and your body will begin to prepare for a new cycle. This phase usually lasts 12-14 days but can last between 10-16 days. The length of this phase is fairly constant from cycle to cycle for the same woman. Progesterone is the hormone that dominates this phase.

Though pregnancy is technically possible during this six day window, most pregnancies actually can be attributed to intercourse from within TWO DAYS before ovulation up to the day of ovulation. This makes for a practical fertile window of just THREE DAYS each cycle~ See~ not that easy to get pregnant!

Clomid - Clomid is a fertility medication that is used to induce ovulation. Specifically, Clomid works to stimulate a woman’s ovaries to mature an increased number of follicles every month. Because Clomid increases the number of mature follicles in the ovaries, the drug also increases the likelihood of ovulation and pregnancy. Clomid is generally a very effective drug for most women suffering from ovulatory dysfunction. In fact, between 70% and 90% of women taking Clomid begin to ovulate within the first three cycles. Additionally, 40% of couples become pregnant during the first three cycles. It is important to be aware that there is a 5% to 10% chance of multiple pregnancy (especially twin pregnancy) when taking Clomid. Yes TWINS!

OK - I'll try to remember to explain stuff as I go along next time!

So here it is the day before Mother's Day and I'm doing alright! It's another Mother's Day that Chris and I are trying and not celebrating but I'm ok with it... really! I'm really excited to have started the clomid today, just hoping the side effects don't hit me too hard - the one I'm most concerned with is that it can make you more emotional! Goodness, I don't need that! I'd like to chart my temps this month along with taking the clomid, even though my doc said not to bother and I'd hate to start obsessing again. I didn't use all my OPK strips so I think I'll use them around the 23rd...maybe I can finally see what a positive one looks like!

Alright, enough catching up for now. I'll write more after I'm done the 5 days! Wish us luck!

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