Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So Much Has Happened

Wow, really a lot has happened! I kept saying to myself month after month that I need to update my blog, but, well, I warned you all in the beginning that I'm horrible at keeping a journal and so why would this be any different!?

I was reading my last post and I laughed to myself... I don't even remember wanting to only do clomid once! I got my results back from that first round and my progesterone was 28, they wanted it above 4. But unfortunately still no BFP.

So here came round 2.... and round 3... and round 4.... and round 5... then round 6, our final attempt. Which was awful! I messed up with temping, I messed up with the OPK's... and then I messed up walking back into the house after hooking Jessie out and I caught my foot in the door. I fell, cut my foot and hurt my back. Well, Dr. O'Brien said it shouldn't mess with ovulation, but I think it did. Or maybe I was just in too much pain. Either way, round 6 ended like the rest yesterday... as a failure.

Our next step would be going to Shady Grove Fertility Clinic in Annapolis for an IUI (intrauterine insemination), for more details on the actual process visit this: Chris was a little nervous. Especially since Monday Chris let me know that our insurance would be changing starting January 1st. We discussed it and decided it all depended on the insurance. Oh and Chris doesn't really like that I would probably have to do injectibles causing me to create 3 - 5 eggs instead of one. He wants a child, not a litter. I reassured him the chance was like 1% of having 3 or more!

Tuesday Chris got the insurance info and we both reviewed it. Looks like there is NO coverage for fertility. I was really upset and finally said to Chris "I think we need to contact the clinic and try the IUI while we have partial coverage and hope to get pregnant before January 1st". I really thought Chris wouldn't be ready for all of this so sudden, but he said "We have to". I was so relieved!!! But we agreed that if it's not successful we have to stop because with no coverage we can't afford the $2000 - $3000 price tag on the procedure!

So feeling really anxious to get going I called Dr. O'Brien's office this morning. They gave me the number to Shady Grove and I called them... our consultation is November 9th! I'm so excited! And Dr. O'Brien's office already faxed them my medical records. And they are aware we'd like to hurry and get started right away. I think already having the HSG, LAP, and 6 rounds of clomid we'll be able to progress quite quickly. I've got 2 cycles before January 1st and I'm hoping we'll only have to try once!

I promise to write after our consultation!

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