Sunday, December 23, 2007

So close...

Here it is 3 days before the scheduled IUI... WOW! Can't believe it's here already!

Here's where we're at:
(12/14) CD1 - 1st day of AF
(12/16)CD3 - 8:45am appointment for ultrasound and blood work in Annapolis. -Got the call that ultrasound and blood work looked good, instructed to take the clomid starting tonight for 5 days. The clomid really works! That's what I keep reminding myself as I'm coping with hot flashes and mood swings!
(12/22) CD9 - Didn't need an appointment, just had to do the follistim shot. I was so nervous! I waited until Chris was home from work and then stalled and stalled until around 10pm. I had him sit with me and make sure I was doing everything right. The pen is really easy to use but I held it in my hand and I was so nervous. I was really afraid it was going to hurt and that it wouldn't go through my skin easily. I almost chickened out and had Chris do it but I sucked it up and did. It went in so easy! And it didn't hurt at all. It itched a bit and there is a tiny bruise. But really it was a piece of cake.
(12/23) CD10 - Day off! Yahoo!
(12/24) CD11 - Back to Annapolis for another ultrasound. I might even brave the mall after my appointment, do I dare on Christmas eve?
(12/25) CD12 - Merry Christmas - another day off!
(12/26) CD13 - IUI!

I still can't believe we're so close! I'm getting really excited!

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