Friday, December 14, 2007

Well, it is after our consultation! Just happens to be more than a month after... anyway... here is how it went.

To start off, we got the appointment for Nov. 9th and about a week before we got a HUGE packet from Shady Grove. There was a folder about the clinic and everything they do and also basically a novel of questions about our medical and ttc history. There was so much paperwork! But I was glad they sent it to us instead of making us sit in the waiting room filling it all out.

We arrive Nov. 9th to an easy to get to, clean and friendly clinic. 1st impression - A+! It wasn't long before we were in Dr. Mottla's office, who also, like Dr. O'Brien and the HSG tech, is a native to western Mass. He was very friendly however after reviewing our info suggested IVF. I was so scared! He explained the difference between IVF ( and IUI and then asked if we had any questions or concerns. We explained that our insurance wouldn't cover IVF and we just couldn't afford the $20,000 even if it was a shared risk program (if no baby 100% money back). Then I also mentioned that I didn't believe Chris liked the idea of our babies being created in a petri dish. Then Chris spoke up and confessed that after loosing his grandmother the weekend before that most important was having a family. He didn't care what it took. But there was still the money issue.

We were really relieved when Dr. Mottla said he was willing to work with us and if we wanted to try an IUI then he'd do it. He let us know that the success rate was about 20% vs. 60 - 70% for IVF. We understood but still want to try the less expensive route. We told him we needed to start asap before the insurance changed. Well looking at the calendar our 1st cycle was out because we still had prescreening to do, but we could definitely start the following cycle. So we set up to get our prescreening done. Oh, and we also met our nurses, we have 2, Nurse Ann and Nurse Janice... they are super nice!

I had CD3 blood work and ultrasound on Nov. 20th. All came back clear and good. The blood work consisted of hormone levels, stds, hiv and checking my thyroid. The ultrasound was to measure my ovaries and uterine lining before anything started happening. Chris also had to do another semen analysis and std, hiv blood work. He passed with flying colors as well. In fact when Dr. Mottla gave Chris his s/a results he gave Chris a thumbs up and said "perfect". It was something like 74 million with 76% motility and 15% morphology... they like your numbers to be anything above 20, 20, 10 respectively. The only prescreening that came back negative was the insurance coverage... NONE! That's right, we're full pay... luckily the meds are covered!

So where does this get us now? We had our follow up appointment with Dr. Mottla on December 10th. I think he was as frustrated as us! We are officially "unexplained". It's so frustrating to know that we are both healthy and perfectly capable of having babies, yet we can't. And Dr. Mottla expressed to us that it's hard for him as well, doctors are suppose to find a problem so they can fix it... but he let us know that unexplained infertility is also easier to "fix" or to get pregnant. Again he insisted on IVF but is ready and willing to try the IUI first. He also encouraged us to wait until after the holidays but we insisted to move forward. In fact, I scheduled injection classes for the next day.

Tuesday, Nov. 11th I was back in Annapolis for injections class. Since I was the only one doing an IUI they taught me my stuff first since it was less involved and then I got to leave. OH! And a friend of mine from the Babycenter board just got her BFP and had tons of follistim left... that's what I need so she shipped it to me yesterday! Devon is the greatest and saved us like $100. Anyway, injections... I'm lucky! I only need to do 2! No problem... right?!?

Treatment plan - here goes... Technically what we are doing is clomid/FSH IUI. This means I am taking the clomid pills again (50mg), following it up with a shot of FSH (Follistim) and then having the IUI. Here's our schedule (dates are tentative when it comes to the actual IUI depending on how things are progressing):

(12/14) CD1 - 1st day of AF - Call Nurse Ann or Janice to schedule CD3 blood work and ultrasound.
(12/16)CD3 - 8:45am appointment for ultrasound and blood work in Annapolis. This is where they measure the ovaries and lining again and also confirm that I'm not currently pregnant. After blood work results come in, one of our nurses will call and confirm for me to start taking the clomid that night. Again it's 50mg and I'm hoping I won't be too crazy. I'll take clomid from CD3 - 7 (12/16 - 20).
(12/22) CD9 - Appointment in Annapolis for another ultrasound, not sure if more bloodwork will be done or not. If things are progressing well that night I will give myself my 1st injection of Follistim. It's a tiny needle and I administer it about 1 inch below and 2 inches to the left or right of my belly button.
(12/23) CD10 - Day off! Yahoo!
(12/24) CD11 - Back to Annapolis for another ultrasound. They want to make sure I haven't created too many eggs and see if I'm about to ovulate. If I am close and the follicles holding the eggs look nearly mature I will get the OK for injection #2, Ovadril. Again in the same place. Ovadril is a trigger shot. It's basically a dose of the HCG pregnancy hormone that will force my ovaries to release the mature follicles.
(12/25) CD12 - Merry Christmas - another day off!
(12/26) CD13 - IUI! That morning Chris will need to provide a sample. We'll head to the clinic and have to wait for about an hour or 2 for them to "wash" the sperm and get them ready for my IUI. Then I will be prepped and the IUI will happen. When it is done, we'll head home and I'll probably go back to work.

Then the waiting game, otherwise known as the 2 week wait.... it's dreadful! I can't test until at least 10 days after the IUI because the trigger shot, since it is the pregnancy hormone will show up in a home pregnancy test even if I'm not really pregnant. However, I don't see me waiting it out much more than 10 or 11 days! I figure I will definitely test prior to the blood work which will be scheduled to confirm or deny pregnancy on January 9th. I would like to just have some knowledge before the blood work so I can be somewhat prepared. If an HPT is negative then it won't be so crushing when they call me with the results.

So that's it! Can you believe it's all happening already? Wish us luck!

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