Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's sinking in...

Most people wait until they are 12 weeks pregnant to tell people... but with our journey, and lots of friends and family knowing about our jouney, we told people right away.

It was great! Everyone is so excited for us! I've made a baby site that has latest doctor appointment news and photos, it's

Yesterday we had another blood work appointment. It was the 2nd round of beta counts. It was still just as hard waiting for these results as it was the 1st round. However, they came back great! The beta was 1910... it had more than doubled every 48 hours... and there's a chance it could be twins!

My next appointment is on January 28th where I'll have an ultra sound. We'll get to see our little bean (or beans) and have a definite count on how many are there.... talk to you then!

Oh and I'm feeling great! Just tire easily.

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