Sunday, January 13, 2008

IUI is complete...

Last time I posted it was 3 days before the IUI. Here's how it all went down...

December 24th, back in Annapolis for blood work and ultra sound. The ultra sound tech and the nurse said my cycle was beautiful. We saw 3 follicles on the right side and one on the left. We went home all smiles. Later that day a doctor from the clinic called. Our doctor was out for Christmas. He said that 3 follicles were mature and the 4th was a contender. This increased our chances of multiples. He suggested that if we have any doubts that we cancel the whole cycle. I was so upset! Chris and I talked about it and then we got some real answers from the doctor. Yes there was a chance but it was a SLIM chance. There still wasn't a guarantee that any of the follicles would fertilize or implant... Chris and I went ahead with the IUI. I did my trigger shot that night, piece of cake!

I got a call saying that Annapolis wasn't going to be doing any procedures the day after Christmas so we had to go to Rockville. Since it was on the other side of DC and we had to drive the Beltway we gave our self like 2 1/2 hours to get there... being the day after Christmas there was no traffic and we were there an hour early! They said they had another couple not show up and they boosted us up to their spot.

It was a pretty easy procedure. Chris gave his sample and then we had to wait an hour to an hour and a half. They do what is called a "wash", where they remove all the bad sperm leaving only healthy ones and then give them some sort of vitamin boost. Once they are ready with the sample they brought us back into a private room. It was like going for my yearly exam. Laid on the table with my feet in the stirrups. The doctor came in and showed us Chris's name on the sample, showed us the paper work that we're all matched up, then showed me the catheter they use, then it began. They inserted a speculum, and then inserted the catheter. I don't care how small that thing was it still hurt! Kind of pinched. Within 30 seconds the doctor had plunged the syringe the catheter was attached to and said, "OK, done". They set a timer and I laid there for 5 minutes. When the timer went off I got dressed and Chris and I made an appointment for 15 days later for the pregnancy test and went home.

I had minor cramping that day and off and on for a couple days. I noticed I was having slight cramping, almost pinches, every few days and they became more frequent after about a week. Those 2 weeks felt like eternity. I could have started taking home pregnancy tests as close as 10 days after the IUI but I would have been devastated if they were negative and Chris asked me to wait until the blood test, which happened to be on his birthday.

So FINALLY, January 10th arrives. Chris and I both took the whole day off. We figured we'd either celebrate or grief but either way we didn't want to go to work. The appointment was in Annapolis at 8 am. So up at the crack of dawn again, drive a little over an hour for them to take 5 minutes to take my blood. I really like the lady that has taken my blood all but once, she's really nice and it doesn't hurt when she does it. I joked with her to take the "good stuff" and she wished me luck. We then drove home. They said my nurse would call anywhere between 2 and 3:30. And here it was 8:15!

We didn't do a whole lot that day which made time pass even slower, however I got a good nap in once we got home! At 1:10 pm my cell phone started ringing... it was my nurse. Chris was sitting with me on the couch so I put my phone on speaker so we could hear the results together... "Jaime, we have good news for you! You're pregnant!" And the rest was a blur! We were smiling like crazy and she had told me what my beta was, what to do now, and when to come back and I didn't hear a thing! I had to have her repeat it all. My beta was 373, anything over 5 you're considered pregnant. I was to continue taking the progesterone suppositories they had prescribed for me and to come back on Monday, January 14th for another round of blood work.

Can you believe it???? I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!

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