Friday, March 21, 2008

Birth Control Pills to have a Baby?!?

You read that right! I'm on birth control pills because I want to have a baby... doesn't seem to make sense does it?

Monday I went for my weekly blood work to have my HCG levels checked. While I was waiting my turn I decided to talk to a nurse because I thought 40 days was an awful long time for no period, even after a miscarriage and D&C. So I had my blood taken and then went and saw nurse Joyce.

I told her my levels weren't dropping fast enough and I was getting sick of it all. She took a look at my records and she even sunk in her seat and sighed! She said she understood how I was feeling and went and talked to Dr. Mottla.

She came back in and Dr. Mottla had ordered an ultra sound. So I went into an exam room and he was there with the ultra sound tech. What he told me was that my body is in limbo, as he calls it. It didn't start the cycle over after the D&C like it should have. My lining of my uterus was very thin and no period was in sight, who knows when it would have come. He put me on birth control pills for 3 weeks. He said this will force everything to basically shut down for the 3 weeks and then I will get a period when I stop taking them and I was to start taking them Monday after my blood work results came in, which by the way were finally ZERO!!!

It seems very weird to me to be back on the pill, however because of my lining being so thin, had I even ovulated or gotten pregnant, no baby would stick to such a thin wall anyway... and then there's the key word, ovulate. With no period in sight who knows when ovulation would occur. I couldn't be stuck in "wonder" land anymore. Besides, these 3 weeks bumps the supposed period to a better time frame! I won't be ovulating while at the April auction in Illinois and therefore won't miss out on a cycle of trying!

Bad news is that I'm having breakthrough bleeding. It's time for my body to have a period now that my levels are 0, but there's not enough to shed to have an actual period. Then through the new drugs into my system by taking the pill and WHAM! I've been bleeding for 2 days. It's more like heavy spotting... more like a nuisance! And KILLER cramps. Basically all cramps are, is your uterus contracting... and well with, again, the thin lining there's nothing to shed... you get the point.

It's all very frustrating and again a waiting game, but we're another step closer to getting pregnant again. I'm hoping the next IUI will be in approximately 4 1/2 weeks! Either mid April or mid May. However, I'm hoping that these pills really do start my cycles over again! I'm sick of my body doing one thing when it should be doing another... I'll keep you posted!


Lauren said...

Good Luck! I'm still rooting for you! Hope the BCP does the trick and "reboots" your system! :)

alicia said...

We'll be doing IUI's together!! YAY!!

Lauren said...

This is "the other Lauren" I guess? (the one from NJ!) Just wanted to send you some luv!