Monday, March 3, 2008

Feels So Good!

Ahhhh… I love waking up in the morning and being glad I did! Having a smile on my face and caring about myself and everything around me! It feels so good to be back!

Here’s my story on how it all happened…

The alarm clock goes off Saturday morning and I climb out of bed. Despite having to go to work, I know we have plans for after and feel pretty good about things. Instantly I run with those feelings and decide to dress a little nicer for work and I’d do my make up later that day. Chris says to me, as he’s lying comfortably in bed, “Wear your Guess shoes”… I laugh and say I’m not wearing 3” peep toe shoes to work in 35 degree weather, no matter how cute they are! Then he says “Wear the pink and blue ones!”. I proceeded to laugh even harder because the pink and blue ones are like 3 ½” heels with nothing but a cris-cross over the top of the foot. However, he was making a good point without knowing it… I should wear cute shoes! Cute shoes always make me happy! So I planned my outfit around a sweet little pair of brown faux suede ballet flats with a bow on them.

They’re so cute, and instantly I was smiling… it’s like my happy button resides in my little pinky toe or something!

So I go to work, it was pretty boring… except when my boss calls and has me run to the office to look for 2 decoys because he was in Long Island and his truck got broken into. (Very lucky man! He’s in Long Island doing an antique decoy show displaying items that were going to be in our April auction. The truck is filled with ANTIQUES and the crooks smash his front windshield and take his GPS and a pair of $1.50 sunglasses! Had the idiots only known there was probably a ½ million dollars worth of decoys in the back! Instead they took a TomTom!) I digress… work’s slow, I did my makeup there. Now not only are my feet cute, but so isn’t my face! I leave work at 2 a happy girl!

I get home and Kim (a friend who we were going to Dave & Buster’s with) is there and Chris is playing Guitar Hero… so I show them my mad skills and then we head to Hanover.

Despite the minor breakdown that consisted of shotty directions, me almost side swiping another car and me not knowing where I was going… we get to the Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover. By the time I hit the parking lot I’m pissed. At that moment it didn’t make any sense to me why they would even construct a mall that big to draw that many people that can’t drive to it’s parking lot! After a good 20 minutes I find a spot… luckily it was less than a mile away from an entrance! This mall is so big it has a Medieval Times INSIDE the mall! We get inside and I said we needed to shop to calm me down! Within 30 minutes I had been to 3 shoe stores and I was smiling again. I hadn’t bought anything yet, was waiting till Payless because I knew they had at least 4 pair I wanted there.

However, I did have to swing into Guess to try on a shirt that was in the window, unfortunately it was cut for one of those model type girls and not one of the “Jaime” cut girls and it didn’t fit. Finally we find Payless. And there is where I find what continues to make me happy even today!

I had 4 pair in mind, red plaid ballet flats, green espadrilles, black wedges and red Mary Janes. Well the ballet flats felt like they had steel toes so they went back on the rack. The green espadrilles were so sweet… they came home with me (photo below). I couldn’t find the black wedges and the red Mary Janes were ugly in real life. But I was determined to buy 4 pair before we got there so I at least had to get 2 pair before leaving! I found a really cute pair of sneaker/flats that were so cute I put them on in the store and stuck the brown ballet flats into the box! And despite the blister on my heel and on each pinky toe, I’m wearing them again today! I have convinced myself the reason I have blisters is because my feet have become wimpy by wearing sneakers and clogs and it’s time they toughen up!

So here is picture of my happy feet in my new shoes!

And here is the espadrilles, photo with feet will come when it’s a little warmer outside!

And as I said earlier, it feels so good to be back! Even if it’s just a pair (or 3) of shoes that makes it happen, I’m glad it did!
OH - Extra little note for today... Does anyone know if J-Lo owns Dragontales cartoon on PBS? I'm just curious as the 3 kids on the show are named Enrique, Emmy, and Max.... funny, those are the names of her husband and two new twin babies! Think it's just a coincidence? Maybe she's just a big fan of the show!


Alicia said...

i LOVE the shoes! So cute :) And I am so glad they are making you feel better. I love shoe therapy.

Lauren said...

I second Alicia...retail therapy is right up my, purses, clothes...etc. BTW, I googled J-lo and Dragontales and although I didn't find an official connection, ther are hundreds of blog and gossip sites talking about the correlation. Just FYI! :)