Friday, April 11, 2008

One small step for... Jaime

Haven't posted in a while, well, because nothing was happening.

I finished taking the birth control pills on Sunday, April 6th. And I had FINALLY stopped spotting and having breakthrough bleeding on Friday, April 4th. And I should have started a normal period by Wednesday. I called my nurse my last week on the pill and asked her what I should do. I wasn't sure if I would notice getting my period, or if I even would if I was having breakthrough bleeding all along. She told me to call either call on the first day of AF or to call on Wednesday if I hadn't noticed any increase.

So I called on Wednesday, and of course she was out of the office, but I left a message for her to call me in the morning. I ended up spotting again Wednesday night and I thought, "Yahoo! I'm getting AF"... well Thursday morning came and it was so light and pretty much spotting again, but heavier than it had been in the past 3 weeks. My nurse returned my call Thursday morning and I explained what was going on. She said, "Lets count today as CD1.", meaning 1st day of AF. And she scheduled me an appointment for baseline bloodwork and ultra sound on Saturday (CD3).

I guess this is a little small step towards moving forward. I guess I have my period. It did completely stop and then start again a few days later! I have no idea anymore! But I am excited to get the baseline work done. Hopefully the ultra sound and the bloodwork will indicate that all is ok... or at the least tell them what's going on with my body! I'm really hopeful to do another IUI in May, but I'm really scared that the miscarriage has done something funky with my system and I'm not... rebooting is a good term.

I should know by Saturday afternoon what's going on! Let's hope all is ok and we can move forward to May! And let's also hope that I don't have to take any meds this cycle! I wrote down what I've had to put in my body over the past year versus what I would put in my body (med wise) in a normal year. Normal would be occassional multi vitamin, Advil or Tylenol. This past year I had 15 different meds! 15!!! That's just crazy to me. I'm really looking forward to good results tomorrow morning and being drug free this cycle, I think I really need to detox!

One last thing... I've been wearing my turtle necklace a lot lately (turtles are a symbol of fertility) and I forgot it today, I keep grabbing for it around my neck and it's not there. So I feel very alone today, so I'm going to add a few photos of symbols and items that make me smile! Enjoy!

turtle Lotus

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alicia said...

YAY no more birth control! YAY May! May will be a lucky month for a lot of us! I just know it. YAY for sorta AF! Better then nothing! I amsure your body is reboting just fine, it jsut needs to get back into the swing of things! Good luck at the appointment tmr!