Monday, April 14, 2008

Straight Edge?

So I blogged all about my appointment on Saturday and haven’t shared the results…. Let’s just say CONFUSING!

When I talked to my nurse on Thursday I asked if I even needed to come in because we weren’t doing an IUI that cycle. She said yes, come in anyway. I figured they were going to do more than the pregnancy blood test and ultrasound. NOPE. They had in my records that I was doing a cycle with meds and timed intercourse. They wanted $1400. I explained that when I said “I was going to be out of town”, that meant I was and not my husband! I even got a call today because they were still confused. I got it all cleared up today though and I didn’t have to pay.

Baseline testing… I’m not pregnant. GO FIGURE! I was on birth control pills for crying out loud! But the ultra sound looked good. Everything was quiet and calm. Lining was thin, as it should be, and there were no cysts. Always a good thing!

What does this all mean?

Drug Free

I’m drug free this cycle! I’m not on any meds what so ever, I’m not temping or charting. Well, not really. I’ve marked when I started so that I can keep track when I should get my period again (around May 7th). Just so if it’s late and I’m not preggers then I can give the docs a call and say what’s up?!

I’m totally relaxing this cycle. Heck, I’m going to be in Chicago during ovulation time, without Chris – I have an auction – so I don’t even need to get my hopes up thinking maybe it happened on it’s own this time. In fact it would be some miracle if it did! Well, I shouldn’t say that, it is possible… I mean if I ovulate really close to the 22nd when I’m leaving. Anyway...

It feels really good to not have to think this cycle! I'm enjoying it already! And I've completely stopped spotting! BONUS! I'm really ready to dive in head and heart first into the next cycle. I'm really hoping Mother's Day will give us a little extra luck this year and by the beginning of June we'll find out I'm preggers again... and that baby's gonna stick!


alicia said...

Isn't the break kinda nice! I am with you on that one. It is fun to not have to think about ttc all the time! I hope this break is exactly what you need and your body will be all ready to get knocked up next time around.

Lauren said...

Enjoy your calm before the storm. :) You can get fully recharged and ready to tackle the next IUI w/ full gusto. Here's hoping for a BFP in June! Relax...have a sushi... jump up and down a lot (no bouncing is a big thing w/ my doc's office during injectables-LOL!)

Anonymous said...

oh i think you're amazing! Here's to mothers day bringing us all good luck!! :) (i have one shot between now and then but not hopeful!! ) I LOVE YOU!!!!