Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Turtles and Smiles

The other afternoon Jessie was outside being her normal dog self, barking at random things when we looked out and she was barking at the ground. And she was really upset! So I go out in the rain to get her and I see she's barking at some big black slimey looking thing. First I thought someone threw a fish in our yard. (There is a pond in our back yard.) But as I got closer I realized she was barking at a turtle!

Well I didn't think that was very nice of her so I brought her inside and let the turtle be, I then went to work.

Later that afternoon Chris notices the turtle is still in the same spot. He noticed with the help of Misses Barky, aka Jessie. And then he notices she is digging with her back legs. When I talked to him during the day he let me know that Mrs. Turtle must be laying eggs. When I got home that evening I took Jessie outside and Chris had put a little piece of plastic fence near the nest so that Jessie would leave it alone. I came in with the biggest smile on my face. 1. Because my husband took the time to protect a reptiles eggs from our big furry beast as he calls her. And 2. because turtles represent fertility, and there is a turtle in our backyard, laying eggs! I took that as a VERY good sign and smiled all night long. When I told Chris why he only chuckled a little, but he smiled too!

Here's some pictures of Mrs. Fertile Turtle's nest...

Then today while Chris was at work I mowed the lawn. I was mowing the back when I noticed something moving. Now I've only been in Maryland for 3 years and I'm very nervous when being outside I'll see giant spiders or huge black snakes, so of course it startled me. But I stopped the mower and looked closer. I had just run over a baby turtle! (GASP!) I know! But he was so tiny that he was ok!!! I ran in the house and grabbed the camera (that's when I got the above photos too). However, he was SO tiny that my camera wouldn't focus on him. I think you can see him alright though. The first picture is of him in the grass. YUP! His head is as wide as a blade of grass. And the second is when I saved him from the furry beast potentially finding him and brought him closer to the pond. He was so happy, he ran just as fast as he could down the bank of the pond. It was so cute! Oh, so you can get an idea of how small he was, ummm... yah, a little bigger than a quarter, but definite smaller than a half dollar!


alicia said...

very very good sign my friend!

alicia said...

wow look at me the comment hog! I LOVE your 12 steps you gave me today. They are awesome.!!! I am printing them! Love you!