Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yes, I have another obsession... scrapbooking!

It's a little healthier than obsessing over trying to have a baby, I think. My husband may say otherwise! hehe. I just started doing swaps where you make a bunch of one thing, send it to a host, she divides it up and sends everyone's work back out so we get stuff from different people. It's so much fun, and addicting!

Here are a few of my favorite pages:

And here is where I get great inspiration! and yes this is a shameless plug because she's having a RAK! (Random Act of Kindness) and giving away a nearly sold out product, Love, Elsie Recipe Box. And I want in on the contest! ;)
Hope you've enjoyed!


alicia said...

ohh so nice! you are amazing girl!

cjsayers77 said...

Hey thanks sweety! So are you!

Anonymous said...
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