Friday, May 9, 2008

To Us!

To start off, AF is here... we could start the IUI cycle... but we're not. I'm going to spare you the details, but in short, we, as in Chris and I as a married couple, are not ready. Will let you know when we are, I promise...

However I want to share something amazing with you. My dear friend
Laura Jean wrote this on her blog, and I just feel that more people need to read this. She is beautiful and amazing, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. And if you find yourself fitting into our "group" of infertiles, grab a tissue!

"... God bless you and your children if you read this and you're so incredibly fortunate to have a family of your own. What i'm saying is that its hard not to be bitter when so many of us women, the infertiles or the ones who lost one and cant have another, are forgotten about. We are beautiful, we are strong, we have the desires and the abilities to parent and love a child, and we deserve to be celebrated. too

So, any fellow infertiles out there, here's to us. Bottoms up, here's a toast, TO US!
Here's to crying through it and surviving this mother's day, as we love and celebrate the mothers around us, but so long to be the one who is celebrated. Here's to the one who just heard the news of yet another knocked up friend;
here's to she who is braving through another baby shower (or maybe she's staying home because it hurts too bad, and that's okay too!).
Here's to the woman who's just went through her first (or fifth) unsuccessful cycle of IVF and is battling through her options of what's next.
And also to the woman who experiences that long-awaited BFP but just suffered the loss of an unexplainable miscarriage.
Here's to those on Clomid, praying for twins.....And to those on a "break" prescribed by the doctor, or even worse put back on BCPs...
Here's to the one looking into adoption, who has opened her heart and home to special needs babies...
Let's not forget the one who feels like she's losing all of her friends to the "mommy" club that she fears she'll never get into.
Heres to us, each and every one, who are mommys at heart, but still remain without the children of our dreams. Someday, through adoption, medical treatment, or God-given miracles, we'll all hold the title we've wanted for so long....Mother, Mama, Mommy...But as we wait for our blessings, there is no reason we shouldn't be celebrated too, dammit!"

Happy Mothers Day!


alicia said...

Here is to us! clink clink (imagine glasses being knockd together) yay for the infertilies the soon to be mommies!

Anonymous said...

Hey i love you! :) Thanks for sharing my was just the overflow of my heart yesterday! God bless you this weekend, i pray he gives us all the strength we need to get through. And Happy Someday-We'll-Be-Mother's Day.

You're wonderful

Jen Jubenville said...


That was a wonderful post!

Yay for the "Soon-to-be-mommies"!!!