Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow!

I've made it through the clomid crazies for 5 days, then gave myself the pep talk to give myself my injections both Thursday and Saturday nights. They weren't too bad, but they did sting a little. I have a nice purple bruise that the ovadrel shot left... nice little reminder!

I've really only had problems with emotions. I've really wanted to cry for 2 days but I know it's just the extra estrogen and all the hormones I've ingested and injected. I'll be alright! And the past 2 days I've had bouts of nausea. I think it's because I hadn't taken any fertility drugs since December so they were really hitting me hard... and it's paid off though...

Saturday I went for a follie scan (ultra sound to count and measure follicles). The perfect cycle would be no more than 4 mature follicles and mature being between 17-23 mm. I had 4... And their sizes were perfect, 17, 17, 19, and 22.

The IUI is scheduled for tomorrow. We have to be at the fertility clinic at 8am where they will prep Chris's sample and then the procedure will be at 10am. I was planning on going into work after, but I might just relax and work from home, let the swimmers get to those eggs... well just one would be great, we really don't want all 4 fertilized, yikes!

And we'll know if I'm pregnant in about 2 weeks... wish us luck!

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Jen J said...


Good luck with the IUI tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you & praying for you! HOORAY for the awesome follies!

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