Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I received the RUDEST most INCONSIDERATE comment recently. However because I don't have my blog notify me as soon as there is a comment I didn't notice it until tonight. I have deleted the comment as to not spread the hatefulness and negativity to my loyal, LOVING readers.

Now there are filters on my comments. Thanks, I have now incorporated censorship on my own blog!

My loving husband, who accepts me for who I am and loves me unconditionally, reminded me that this is the risk I take putting my words out for others to read on the Internet. He is right, however, when I read the comment, I gagged, nearly threw up and then began crying that someone could be so hateful and use God in the same sentence. Anonymous - You make me sick!

And people wonder why religion confuses me! Self-righteous hypocrite is what you are Anonymous... And I'm sure you're loving this post... all about you!

I also wanted to thank you - Now I know first hand what it means to be "cyber bullied".

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime! I love your blog!