Wednesday, June 4, 2008

IUI #2 Has Begun

AF arrived today right on time. YES! So I called my nurse to let her know. We reviewed my meds, the ones I have still, the ones I need refills on and scheduled my base line ultra sound and blood work.

Got off the phone with the nurse thinking all was well and Sally from the prescription place called. This time instead of calling my meds into Walgreens, they called them into their pharmacy and they are shipping them to me. I will have a box of meds on my doorstep when I get home tomorrow. Well, our Rx plan ID number changed with the Cingular/AT&T name change, yet we didn't get new cards. So, called Chris, then called Sally, then called CareMark, then called Sally. I think I'm all set.

Sally calls again, the Ovadril prescription can't be filled, I have to use CareMark's special mail order. But I need the meds asap... Well I remembered the last time they let it slide but there wasn't much of a discount with the plan, so this time I just paid for the Rx in full. I decided to try and make a claim to get reimbursed, maybe I'll get $10 back or something.

Call CareMark and explain... she was clueless, she was trying to order me more Ovadril. So I explained again and she said, oh I can't do that. Call this number for claims.... yah, not today! But we are getting our new CareMark cards mailed to us!

So out of all that, where does that leave us? Meds here tomorrow. Ultra sounds and blood work Friday at 8:30 am. Start clomid that evening. Clomid for 5 days, skip a day, follistim injection next day, monitoring the next day, Ovadril the next, then IUI. If all goes like the last cycle the IUI will be on June 16th.

Wish us luck! I'm so excited!

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