Monday, June 16, 2008

IUI #2

The deed is done. I'm cramping quite a bit, but what can you expect for trying to ovulate with 4 mature eggs. Chris and I were at the fertility dr's bright and early, dropped off his sample (37 million by the way! Awesome!) and then went to breakfast. The IUI was suppose to be at 10 but it was closer to 11. It went smoothly.

So for now we wait... June 30th is the beta blood test.


Lauren said...

SO happy for you guys giving it another shot! I'm sending you good juju and prayers! :) Spring '09 is a fab time for a bambino!

Anonymous said...

hi lovely...if you happen to have four babies...could i have one? :) best wishes and I will be pray-pray-praying for you and the little one(s) that are hopefully coming soon!!!

Rachel Gurevich said...

How exciting!!! I hope it works! :)

~ Rachel

alicia said...

yay June 30th!! It will be here soon enough :) I will be on the cruise though, so you need to text me if it is positive ok???