Friday, June 6, 2008

Step 1...All Over Again

I had my cycle day 3 appointment this morning. It was the same routine, blood work, ultra sound and meet with the monitoring nurse to go over meds and schedule. Real simple, right?! Sure, but my heart pounded so the whole time I was there, I was so nervous. When I met with the nurse, who by the way is super sweet, I told her I felt like it was my first time there. She said it was understandable to be nervous and she's just awesome. So upbeat and I swear she really remembers who we are!

So got a call around 1 saying blood work was fine, and to start meds tonight. CD3 blood work is basically a beta pregnancy test. They need to confirm you are not pregnant before filling you full of hormone altering drugs.

Here it is about bed time, Chris and I just finished watching Juno... go rent it! It's great! We were suppose to watch it with a friend and I'm so glad we didn't because I cried way too hard! There are little subtleties in "Vanessa's" (Jennifer Garner) looks and words throughout the whole movie that really hit the nail on the head for anyone dealing with infertility. And I didn't cry because it was sad, I cried because really it has a happy ending. I held Chris so tight through the entire movie and at the end I just felt so good, like we're going to get where we're going in the end to. We will be parents!

Oh and yah, meds. I remembered! Just took the 50mg of clomid and chased it down with a prenatal. Ahhhh, now lets hope the clomid crazies don't attack too hard, it has been 6 months since I've taken it!


Jen J said...

LOVE the movie "Juno"!!!! I also cried at the end and felt like a fool because I was in the theater out with friends, but it was GREAT!

Congrats on being on-track! I bet that this is going to be a lucky month for you!

alicia said...

ohh I hope the clomid is gentle on you! so excited for you guys!

also you have been tagged for a meme by me! go check out my blogage for details!

Anonymous said...

hey lovely....told ya juno freaking rocks!!!!! i miss you a lot....and am praying for you this cycle....