Wednesday, July 23, 2008

4 Hours of Traveling, but SOOO Worth It!

I've been having some discomfort down there for a couple of days so I called my nurse Tuesday and explained the sharp shooting pains just the right of middle in the uterus area and shooting across. I told her that I'm heading out of town for an auction for 5 days and just wanted to check in before I wasn't near them. I also told her that I was pretty sure it was the cyst they saw in the past 2 ultra sounds.

Well, she scheduled me to come in today for another ultra sound, just to ease my mind and make sure everything was ok.

We head out at 8am for the clinic for ultra sound at 9:15. Have the ultra sound, baby looks great! And cyst is rather large. We spend time looking at The Babe though first. (S)he has gotten SOOOO big from last week, it's unbelievable! Both Chris and I saw the heartbeat right away which was a wonderful 158 bpm (beats per minute). The ultra sound tech printed a pretty picture for us, see...

And then they took a look at the cyst. They measured it to be about 6 centimeters... that's kinda big considering the baby is only like 1.25 cm! Dr. Mottla wasn't in yet so Dr. K was overseeing the ultra sound. He said it looks ok, not too big but wanted to make sure Dr. Mottla got a look at the photos. He said that as my uterus is growing pains are not uncommon and hopefully the cyst will just dissolve. We leave and get home about 11am. I head to work to have a message from my nurse.

Dr. Mottla got to look at the photos of the cyst and wants me to go to Chesapeake Imaging for further evaluation. So where is Chesapeake Imaging... 5 minutes from the clinic! So I make an appointment for there the latest it can be so I can get some work done, 4 pm.

Chris got out of work and went with me. I had to drink 32 oz. of water an hour before the scan so that meant an hour drive having to pee! OUCH! But I got right in once there and they did an external scan and then an internal. They measured the cyst to be 6 cm as well. After that was done the radiologist took a look at everything and he said it was a normal corpus luteum cyst left over from the egg being released and instead of dissolving it decided to get a little bigger. He said there was only a little "debris" in it (like blood) but looked ok. He also said the baby looked great and the baby's amniotic sac looked perfect. He warned me that the cyst could rupture, but hopefully would just dissolve. I told him I'd had one rupture in the past when I had ovarian cysts and he said "so you know how painful it can get?". YAH! I do! He warned me that if it does rupture to remember it is the cyst and not like appendicitis or something and if I can work through the pain it will be gone after a little while. He said he was going to call Dr. Mottla and remind him to take a look at the cyst at my next ultra sound to see if it was shrinking yet and hopefully it will be.

So it was a really long day, I'm beat! And I had to come home and pack before I posted. But that's the news, and I'm going to crawl into bed and try and get a good night's sleep. I'm pretty crampy and sore tonight as I have had enough poking and prodding!

But seeing The Babe will never get old!!! OH! And today marks the "anniversary" of the miscarriage, 7 weeks 2 days. I know we're not in the clear yet, but seeing the growth and how perfect things were today with The Babe, I know things are going to be just fine and it's great to breath that sigh of relief!

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alicia said...

thats crazy that the cyst is so big!! but I am glad babe is ok! and I think this one is sticking around for 9 whole months! so happy for you sweetie!