Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Almost Famous

No, this is not a movie review, this is real life people!

The article has been published in the Baltimore Sun! I was very excited to see it, yet as I read it at work I choked back the tears. Often I read my own posts before publishing them to make sure they make sense, but it's a very strange feeling to read your story, written by someone else.

Rona did a great job writing
Blogs detail the journey to having a baby and just the fact that she thought our blogging should be shared means the world to me.

Thanks Rona! And thank you to my wonderful husband, family, friends, readers, everyone for making this article so special!

And who knows, maybe some movie producer will be moved and want to write a movie about me... maybe I'll be the plot for the next great Lifetime movie! Hmmm, who to have play my part????


christina said...

That was a great article! Thanks, too, because I hadn't heard of the other blog before!

I think it was well written and really did us infertile bloggers justice!

Congratulations, here's to your upcoming movie career!! ;)

Shawn said...

Hello! This is Shawn. I just wanted to stop by and say Congrats! Also thank you for sharing your story! Rona did a great job. I'm very happy with the article. Praying all continues to go well and your little continues to grow strong.

Joelle said...

Congrats congrats! Article looks great! Also congrats on the u/s...the Babe looks beautiful :)

Lauren said...

Hey Rockstar! :) Loved the article and the miracle behind it! You need a map tracker or a hits tracker so you can see many hits you are getting on your blog now! I bet it has gone up! :)