Friday, July 18, 2008

Article Response

I think it’s time I respond to the article written in the Baltimore Sun. I can honestly say I was expecting uneducated or extremely biased comments both negative and positive, but I guess I didn’t think there would be quite the reaction there was.

I’m not going to give the negative people any play in this blog though; I’m going to brag about the amazing comments received by the article! Thank you to all the women and men that stood up for Morissa and I. You’re wonderful and you’re what make this world go around, not the Negative Nellies!

Here are a few highlights from the comments, some of my personal favorites:

“I feel that the comments above are just a little rude, to tell someone who wants a child to just go and adopt another child or a PET and to not even try to have a child of there own? If she had cancer should she not take medical intervention because that is the hand she was dealt? To Morrisa and Shawn and all the other persons in this article and having to deal with infertility, I commend you for your fight and I hope all works out for you.” BAM

“As someone who struggled with infertility myself, I find great joy in stories such as this. I congratulate all these couples for going after their dream and making it happen. Speaking from experience, when you have to work so hard to have a baby, it makes the whole pregnancy and parenthood experience even more precious.” Aggie

“Kudos to you ladies!” Sydneys Mom

“Anyone who has allowed an article to be written about them knows that it is an experience that makes you vulnerable. Yet, we all learn from their generosity in doing so.” Cynthia

This was in response to a comment about how we’re not on Earth to only procreate… “Uhhh yea we pretty much are...That stuff down there isnt just for your satisfaction”. Libby

“I think the infertility blogging community is a wonderful resource for those of us going thru it.” IVF Mom To Be

“I assure you as a family member of one of the couples, the baby on the way is loved by so many and loved so much more than anyone could ever imagine!” SICK (not my family member)

“I do have a blog and I've been to the blogs cited in the article. The blogging community has been a fantastic support system for me and helped me realize I'm not alone.” TRC

And my favorite that really touched my heart!

“I never really thought about infertility or loss until it happened to me. I am one of the bloggers that has fallen into the pregnancy after infertility and loss category. There is a reason that so many of the bloggers are anonymous. We have been ridiculed by members of our families and now by complete strangers. This article was about how people come together using the internet. Not about which method of acquiring children is best. All the people in this infertility blogging community have to struggle and make choices everyday. Some choose to adopt (black, white, asian, korean, etc), some choose to go through iui or ivf, and some make a choice not to pursue being parents at all. They shouldn't be judged by people that don't know them or their circumstances.I am glad that this article brings light to how many people out there are actually infertile. It touches a lot more people than you think. Since many people don't talk about it, even with family members, it could be your coworkers, your neighbors or even your sister. I feel bad for the people that can only judge others while not walking in their shoes. Thanks for making this article available to more people so more people can learn about what they are talking about rather than just be rude and ignorant to complete strangers. Maybe more articles like this will help the people actually going through it open up and share that it isn't easy to go through any of this and nobody else can make decisions that are right for my husband and myself. I felt lucky to meet so many people on the internet that had encountered some of the same things I did. I felt I found a sisterhood where I could ask questions, give support, and just talk about things and that is not something I could do with my family members cause none of them understood. Thank you for bringing this issue to the surface for others to see and learn about.” Kathy V

I did put my self out there to be criticized, I knew what I was getting into. However, now knowing of at least a few hearts I touched with my side of the story makes it all worth it. I have also added Morissa’s blog to my blogging friends list on the right.

I’ve also been tagged to do a post “50 Things About Me”… hmmm… maybe I’ll work on that one over the weekend.


alicia said...

people can be cows! but I am glad there were a lot of positive comments too! you go girl!

mali rogers said...

I loved the article! I feel so very proud to be part of your journal, and reading about you and your life has inspired me in so many different ways! keep typing!