Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Graduation Day

So I guess it's about time I fill you in right?! Tuesday we had our last appointment at Shady Grove, well last as long as everything looked ok... and it did!

Early that morning I had a little bleeding and was terrified, however it stopped nearly as soon as it started and hasn't happened since. I think it was from all the running around with the auction. Anyway, we got there, I went into Room 3, got all undressed, on the table, covered with the giant paper towel they call a blanket, and then said to Chris, "I gotta pee!". Jumped down, got dressed (minus the shoes) and opened the door just in time to scare the ultra sound tech nurse! She was standing at the door reading my chart when the door opened and I appeared, I said "I gotta pee!". She laughed and let me across the hall.

Back in the room, we waited for Dr. Mottla and the tech nurse to come back in. I told them about the bleeding and they really didn't seem concerned. We took a look at The Babe and (s)he has grown so much again!!! The heart beat was 172 (perfect) and we saw his/her head, shoulders, bum, and a little leg! Then it twitched it's butt a little and moved. It was so cute!

So that's it. Dr. Mottla gave me a huge hug (once I was dressed) and wished me well and shook Chris's hand and said congratulations. I told him it was bittersweet having to leave because everyone at Shady Grove takes such good care of you. He said, he understands but this is the goal, the goal is to graduate. But then he said to visit any time we're on that side of the bridge and they love pictures, bellies and babies!

We got our copy of the ultra sound photo and then waited for Nurse Joyce to talk to us and discharge us. Nurse Joyce is amazing. She's just so nice! First thing she said was "Nice article!" She happened to open up the paper at home and recognize my name. She loved the article and gave a copy to Dr. Mottla. Then she wrote a prescription for prenatals, went over the ultra sound photo, and told me to get an appointment with my OB within 2 weeks. And I'm also done taking the progesterone!!! She reiterated what Dr. Mottla said about an ultra sound in that first appointment to take a look at that cyst, as it's not getting any smaller yet. She then gave both of us huge hugs and sent us on our way. We got a packet with all our info in it, a magazine and some stuff about nutrition. I kinda cried as we left but really it was tears of joy, really!

My appointment (here on this side of the bridge!) is on August 11 with Dr. O'Brien. I'm really excited to get back there and feel like a normal pregnant person!

As for how I'm feeling physically... I'm sick a lot! I have yet to throw up but I just constantly feel hungry to the point where I have a stomach ache, then I feel sick. I've been trying to eat all sorts of different things, but can't find the best solution. I think it would be easier if I wasn't allergic to nuts. I could snack on them and they are high in protein and great for The Babe. But, alas, I am. I've tried crackers, ginger snaps, and dried fruit but everything sits so heavy. Good news is that this should only last for about 4 more weeks! HA!

And last but definitely not least, here's The Babe!


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ohhh he/she is soo precious! yay

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