Monday, July 21, 2008

Why I Feel The Way I Do

7 weeks today! Yahoo! And even though I'm very nervous about the impending 7 week 3 day mark where we lost the baby last time, this pregnancy has been entirely different in these short weeks.

So why am I feeling so green... this is what has happened to the baby and my body in the past week:

Your baby is now about the size of an apple seed. That's about 0.08 to 0.16 inches from crown to rump. It has formed a distinct head with the first stages of eyes and ears. The spinal column and cord are formed. Buds that will grow limbs have also formed. The heart is starting to beat and at this stage its beating may even be detected by sensitive ultrasound equipment, though, it's still very early. The kidneys, liver and nerve cells have also begun to develop. Ten dental buds are growing in the jaws. Blood circulation has begun and primitive red blood cells circulate. The neural tube has closed over along your baby's spine. The optic vesicles, which resemble tiny discs of pigment set in cups along the sides of your baby's head will develop into your baby's eyes. A distinct tail is still present. The body is shaped like the letter "C".

You may be experiencing morning sickness (not necessarily only in the morning). You will have begun to notice changes in your body: you may have gained a few pounds, or you may have even lost weight if you've been suffering from morning sickness. Your uterus is growing, although it is still smaller than a tennis ball and you do not "show". Your metabolism has likely increased to deal with the changes taking place in your body. Some women begin to suffer from heartburn and constipation. You may also be feeling tired and irritable sometimes due to the increase in levels of the hormone progesterone.

And in just 1 short week, week 7, this is what's to happen:

Your baby is 0.16 to 0.2 inches long (4-5mm) when measured from crown to rump. It is now identifiable as a human baby.

The limb buds are growing rapidly, developing into little fins with nodules at the ends which will eventually become fingers and toes. The arms have already differentiated into hand and shoulder segments.

The cerebral hemispheres of the brain are growing, and the eyes and nostrils are appearing. Your baby's heart bulges from its body and the heart chambers are divided and formed. Blood vessels now circulate blood throughout the whole body. The head looks large and is bent on the chest.

Your baby's face is forming, but its eyes are on the sides of its head and are still sealed. The discs that will become your baby's eyes will move over to the front of the face over the course of the next few months.

Bone cells are beginning to develop and the outline of the baby's nervous system is complete. The pigment in your baby's eyes can be seen under the skin overlaying them. By this point there is also a pancreas and an appendix. The tail is still visible, but it will soon fade. The umbilical cord is growing and the placenta is maturing as well.

Your blood pressure is lowered by pregnancy hormones, and as a result you may sometimes feel dizzy or faint when you stand for a long time. Morning sickness may continue.

So much happens in just 2 weeks! It's no wonder I'm so tired! I've been busy making a spinal column, a heart, brain, kidneys, a liver, and soon arms and legs and eyes and a nose! Phew, this is hard work! hehe

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Lauren said...

Dividing cells and growing humans is a tough gig....go lie down! :)So happy for your sticky bean!