Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big News!

Big news and more pictures!!! I went in for the NTT scan Friday (where they measure the fold in the neck for downes) and the baby was not cooperating. We got some really great pics!

Well because my uterus is tipped back she couldn't get the reading with the external and the baby wouldn't move. So she did the internal and she was trying to get him to move when she said "if I can see it, do you want to peek at the sex"... of course I couldn't resist. She said don't take it 100% and don't go paint the nursery because it's really early but it looks like a boy! She pointed it out and it just looked like another black and white squiggle.

Well she kept trying to get him to move so she could see the neck and he kept spreading his legs. She said "boy boy boy that is so a boy!" Then she said typical boy only wants to show off his stuff instead of doing what he's suppose to, then he flashed her one more time and she said "if that's not a boy I'll eat my hat". She said still, don't go crazy on boy stuff til it's confirmed at 17 weeks. She printed me a pic of his legs spread and his little bum to show Chris.

Then she said "2 more minutes and I'm making you come back at 14 weeks, I can't get him to cooperate". Just then he threw his hands over his head and rolled over and she got the measurement. It was so amazing! She was able to zoom in on his hand too and we could see little fingers! The pic we got of his face you can see his nose and lips, it's just precious!
Oh - and the fold measured fine, and I just have to wait for the blood test to confirm that we're clear for downes and cystic fibrosis.

It's so amazing to envision what's growing inside of you! I have called my belly Aidan ever since... yah that's what we're naming him, Aidan Christopher.

Isn't this pic just amazing? Look at the detail, Chris says he looks like him... but that little nose kinda looks like mine! hehe

Aidan waving and relaxing...and measuring right on schedule!

Front view...he looks like he has a huge tummy! And look at that brain (dark spot on the head) He's going to be smart just like his Daddy!
And the best pic that will forever embarrass him when he's older!
So there he is, Mr. Aidan Christopher Sayers... well we're pretty sure anyway! And don't worry, the nursery is off white, sage green and tan with teddy bears, pretty neutral!


Jen J said...


I get to be the first to Congratulate you both on the soon-to-be-arriving Aidan Christopher! Don't worry! I won't monogram anything yet! I'm not surprised though - I guessed Boy! ;)


alicia said...

yupppee boy!! ahh that is so great :)