Thursday, August 28, 2008

Come To My Picture Show

You asked for it... now you've got it! Belly pics!

Isn't it amazing how only in pregnancy we boast and brag about our guts getting bigger?! It's great! For the first time in my life I'm proud to have my stomach bulging out above my belt. Now, I know I wasn't the skinniest before getting pregnant, but hey, fertility drugs can do that to you! I gained 25 lbs in the year of treatments, 15 being in the 1st round of clomid by itself!

I did ask the doctor yesterday if it was "normal" for my belly to be growing so fast, I knew it wasn't baby... he said that progesterone relaxes your muscles and can cause your belly to protrude earlier. I figure between the extra 8 weeks of progesterone and my already non-muscular stomach, yah, it's ok to be sticking out there. And besides, I'm doing great on weight gain, only 2 lbs so far. I can't believe that next week starts the pound a week until 9 months! My belly is going to be doing some major growing!

Ok, ok... I get the point, here are the pictures! And I've done them in the same outfit so far and plan to do so until I can't wear it any longer... which might be sooner than I thought!

Here I am at 6 weeks 6 days (July 20th)... feeling a little bloated and no longer able to "suck it in".

And here I am at 9 weeks 3 days (August 7th). I was starting to notice my belt was a lot lower and the jeans puckering at the zipper, they no longer sat ON my belly. The girls also went up a whole cup!

And lastly, this was Monday, August 25th at 12 weeks exactly. Belt completely showing below the shirt and yes, that is belly skin peeking out below the shirt as well! I think my butt got bigger too... YIKES! And the girls, again looking larger.

Hope you enjoyed them! I think I'll start taking them every week now instead of every 3. But I'll probably only post if it looks like it's changed any. And yes, I am wearing maternity clothes, not necessarily because I HAVE to, but man are they comfy! Only 1 pair of pants though, but most shirts are maternity now.


mali rogers said...

are u freaking kidding me?? are u sure u only have 1 there?! I cannot believe it!! its huge!! how adorable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

sooo cute! :)

alicia said...

awe that is soo great! I can't wait to have a belly too! :)

Jen J said...

Some women just carry more in front than others! I can't wait to have a belly! Enjoy every minute of it!