Thursday, August 7, 2008

So Much to Say

So much to say today! I feel like I’m on top of the world and it’s a wonderful feeling! We’ll start with the good news, add a touch of bad, then turn it all around to the wonderful!

Let’s start with a recap – Cyber Bully… Last I heard of him he had posted a nasty comment in the comment section of the article about this very blog on the Baltimore Sun website. I got that removed. But silly, silly stalker wasn’t aware that I had put an ip tracker on my blog and that the Baltimore Sun also posts with your comment “where you’re from” according to the ip address. HAHA… not so smart are you!

I had one reoccurring visitor from the same town and state that the “jaimehater” post on the article was from. Big world, but small just the same. Through the wonderful, free resources of the internet and the help of my computer savvy husband, we were able to track the ip address to a business, and we even found the business owners name and email on the internet connection account.

Now some people said oh forget about it you won’t get anywhere with this, don’t waste your time. And I knew that had I gone to the police and filed a complaint, they probably wouldn’t have done anything about it. But here I was with a name and an email address and I couldn’t sit by letting someone slander my name. So I wrote a letter to the owner of the company, which happens to be one of the largest companies in the US I swear, it’s big! They own 100’s of companies within this one company! But I thought it was worth a try. I emailed them saying if they had time to look at a few of my records I think it would be in their best interest to know that I had reason to believe that someone using one of their internet connections was terrorizing me and slandering my name. I felt better just sending the email, never expected a response.

Well I got a response saying they needed to pass it on to HR but send any info I had. So I did. The info I was able to provide them with was the ip address of the computer used, and a log of every time this person visited my site including which pages they visited with the date and time to the second.

I didn’t hear anything back for about 3 weeks so I sent another email saying I appreciate their time and wanted to let them know that the person, even though not leaving any comments, had been visiting my site 3-4 times a day everyday in a Monday through Friday stretch, and again provided the logs. I got an email back thanking me for my logs and the HR Manager’s name, email address, and phone number of who was in charge of the case. I sent him an email thanking him for his time and sent him more logs, as the person again had been reading daily. He emailed me back yesterday asking me for my phone number so that he may discuss the actions they are taking. I gave him my work number as I thought, what if he’s the creep, I’m not giving out my cell!

He called yesterday afternoon and I had a wonderful conversation with him. He couldn’t believe that someone not only would treat another human being with such indignity but they would not tolerate it happening on company equipment or time. He said they have many log files to go through to find the exact computer that was being used and then they’ll need to find out if it’s a computer in a public space or a person’s work station and then they’ll continue to handle it internally. However, in the meantime for my sanity and safety they have put my website on their restricted list through the company. He said they have narrowed it down to the company it is coming from so no one working for that company can access my blog from any work computer. He said that doesn’t protect me if they go to a personal computer or another outside of work, but at least it would not be coming from one of their companies.

I thanked him a hundred times as I could not believe the personal attention I received from a company with 70,000+ employees (as he stated). I told him the fact they just did not ignore my email said a lot about the company and it was greatly appreciated! I do not expect them to ever tell me who it is, however they did say they would keep me posted about anything else they find out. Thank you!!!

Now amongst all this excitement, I told work, then I called Chris, then I had to pee. Where the bad news comes in. I had some bleeding. My heart sunk and I called the doctor’s office. I had my appointment bumped up to today instead of waiting until Monday. Before I knew it the bleeding had stopped but I took my doctor’s advice to stay hydrated and take it easy.

So first OB appointment was this morning at 9:30. It went GREAT! There had been no more bleeding and he said that it could be from the cyst or from a sensitive lining from the baby attaching. He said things are different when you do an IUI. We had an ultra sound and I smiled and laughed because I was so happy and blurred the picture! So below is a fuzzy baby, sorry! But Chris and I were just amazed at how big The Babe has gotten! We could see his/her tiny little legs and arms. Sorry it's a little blurry, I giggled with excitement and it blurred the shot! HAHA!

When the doctor stepped out for me to get dressed Chris and I were like kids! We were just so happy and giddy… plus we found humor in the fact that the portable ultra sound machine looked an awful lot like E.T., complete with outstretched finger… “Ouch”. And I also commented on how The Babe looks like the Peanut’s character Schroeder, the piano player!

The doctor came in and answered any questions we had, I had 2. Does Chris having thalassemia minor have any affect on the baby. Thalassemia is a rare blood condition that really is nothing, but appears to be anemia. The doctor assured us it wouldn’t matter and really there would only be a slight concern if I had it instead of Chris. The 2nd question was about sex. (Sorry mom-in-law) But we had been told no sex for at least 2 weeks by the RE because he was afraid it would rupture the cyst, yup, same holds true. They want us to wait until the next scan which is in 3 weeks. Not that it would harm anything, but could be very painful to me if that cyst should rupture… oh and about the cyst. It’s less than half the size it was before! It’s shrinking on it’s own. It is now only 2.6 cm instead of 6.

We got a gift bag, which had prenatal vitamins; a couple magazines and a diaper along with lab paperwork for another complete blood work up. It was such a great appointment and I’m so glad to be back with our regular doctor. And so glad that “The Babe” a.k.a. “Schroeder” is growing like crazy and has a beautiful heartbeat! Oh… and I’ve only gained a pound!

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alicia said...

wow! I can't believe the company went to all that work for you! that is so great!

scare with the bleeding, but I am glad everything looks ok!

can't wait to see hte pic