Friday, August 15, 2008


You haven't heard from me in a while, well, because not much is going on. I'm extremely tired everyday and could easily go to bed at 6pm! About once a week I'm hit with the hungry horrors and eat all day long and stay hungry all day long, nothing satisfies me. But, just as fast as the queasiness rolled in, at 10 weeks it rolled back out! What a relief!

We're headed out of town on vacation! YAY! I'm so excited! We have a week off and we're spending half in Massachusetts with Chris's family and half in Maine with mine. We'll get to tell some our good news and I'm sure be congratulated and hugged by many!

We have a doctor's appointment on the 27th. I think we'll have another ultra sound since I'll be 12 weeks. I love seeing The Babe so much! I think this is when they'll check the fold of skin on the neck for Downs... not sure though, but I'll fill everyone in after the appointment.

So long for a week!

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alicia said...

ohh have fun!!! can't wait to see more baby pictures!!! yuppeee!