Monday, September 1, 2008


It's amazing what you can get done in a long weekend when you finally have your energy back and no morning sickness! The nursery is done... well except for the nursery furniture!

We've had the border for the nursery picked out since the first pregnancy. I bought it really early and decided to stick with the theme because I love it. I picked it because it was cute and neutral, yet now with it all done, I can just picture our little boy playing in there!

Saturday I spent the day cleaning the computer room which now has to accommodate both Chris and I since "my room" is now the nursery. I did pretty good not taking over the whole room with scrapbooking stuff, I was trying to keep it Chris's room as much as possible. I did a little too much Saturday and felt it that night, but I used my body pillow and woke up Sunday feeling fine.

Sunday I started out by finishing cleaning out the nursery. It was my scrapbook room and also the storage room. There was so much junk in there! I got rid of a ton, but have a few boxes that need to go to storage, the entertainment center needs to find a new home (think Chris is going to put it by the road with a "Free" sign on it!) and Chris needs to take the AC unit out to the shed, that sucker is heavy!

Then I prepped the room (vacuumed and taped where I wanted to stop painting).

And started right in with painting. It goes pretty fast when you're only painting less than half the height of the wall.

After that I was pretty tired and the rest of the house was a pig sty and I needed think about dinner, so I called it quits.

Today I started right back in after Chris left for work and decided to tackle hanging wallpaper border. I remember doing this when I was in 5th grade in my room, but it must have just been the peel and stick kind because I don't remember having to wet, fold, stick and smooth! I was scared! I thought, what am I going to do if I mess up or this comes out like crap... but I didn't and it doesn't! By the way, the quilt in the photo below is one my great grandmother made. I got it when I was young and my grandmother has patched it. It's the best quilt in the world!

You can see a bit of the HUGE entertainment stand, if you're willing to come get it, move it and get it out of my house, you can have it! hehe. And in the 2nd photo, the picture on the wall was a wedding gift we got from Chris's sister. It's a collage of photos of me and Chris. There are some of when we were infants, right up through our wedding day.

The room was just about complete but all afternoon it was really bright in the room. I didn't need a light at all working all day. I thought, wow, a baby will never be able to sleep in here! I cleaned up and made my mission for today to be to find curtains. The closet doesn't have a door and I don't mind that, but it needed a curtain too. I went to Walmart today and got blackout curtains for the window and a sheer for the closet. The curtains on the window say "do not iron" so they're pretty wrinkled right now, I'm sure they'll smooth, sooner or later... they have about 6 months!

So there you have it! I really think Aidan will like it! I do! I just want to sit in there. Being in there just makes me so unbelievably happy, in fact, I think I just might go sit in there... I did start crocheting a blanket like a hundred years ago that I'd like to finish for Aidan before he gets here!


Anonymous said...

totally awesome!!! im so excited for you! it probably feels more and more real each day!!

when is your due date again? :)

Aidan!! how sweet! i have a precious nephew names aedan!


Lauren said...

Wow! The nursery looks great! You have made more progress than us on yours...ours is now empty and I am pumped! Congrats on the boy! Team blue is looking good! :)

alicia said...

ahhh it is soo precious!! way to go girl!! aidan will love it :)

love the new blog layout too!

Lindsey said...

Hi Jaime,

I found you through a TTC board on I hope you don't mind that I drifted to your blog!

I just wanted to say how happy I am for you and your husband. I also miscarried our first baby in July and had a D&C in August. Thank you for being so open with your story and really giving me hope that things will turn out better the next time!

The nursery looks great! Congratulations again and all the best to you.


candy said...

hi, just passing by and getting ideas for scrapbook rooms and baby rooms. I love this!