Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome to Parenthood

Welcome to Parenthood with a little scare actually. We got to spend from midnight until 4am in the emergency room this morning. Exactly what I didn't want to see this pregnancy happened about 10:45 last night. Blood. It didn't seem like much so I told Chris I'd just go to bed and call the doctor in the morning. So I headed to bed, but woke up at midnight with even more blood. Scared, crying and with a husband about to have a panic attack we headed to the ER.

Note for anyone pregnant right now, don't go to the ER at night! There is no OB staff on and they are so incompetent! It took a nurse and a doctor and 45 minutes for them to find the baby's heartbeat with a Doppler... and when they finally found it, they lost it in like 2 seconds. After blood work and a pelvic exam they said all appeared ok and they were confident they heard the heartbeat even if they couldn't measure it. My cervix was closed and it looked like I passed the blood I was going to pass. They discharged me with papers that said "Threatened Miscarriage".

So we got to bed at 4:30 am, Chris had to be at a work meeting at 7:30 and the doctor's office opened at 8:30. I called at 8:15 and someone answered! Can you even believe that? I love my office! They said if I wanted to see my doctor they could get me in at 1pm. With a shaky voice I said "OK" and she said, "do you think you should come in before that?". I told her it would really ease my mind if they could fit me in. So my appointment was with Dr. Penny at 9:45. Chris was done his meeting and came and picked me up to go with me to the appointment.

By 9:50 I was in an exam room and a nurse said, lets get a Doppler on you. She set it on my belly and I swear to you she had his heartbeat beating loud and clear through the speaker within 5 seconds. That was music to our ears and the color started coming back to Chris's face!

She was really surprised they didn't do an ultrasound at the ER so she sent me back to the waiting room and I'd have an ultra sound next, before seeing the doctor. I called to the ultra sound room and we got to see Little Aidan on the big screen TV. He never looked so perfect! Great heartbeat of 158 bpm and active active active! He was such a wiggle worm this morning. He's either going to be a swimmer or a step dancer with how those legs were moving! We could see his spine, his ribs, a perfect little foot and a perfect arm... along with the rest of him.

They continued to look around and now instead of 1 cyst, I have 2 but they were not bleeding. The placenta looked great and was in a good position. There was no active bleeding anywhere. This is very good!

We then met with Dr. Penny who said the baby was perfect. She apologized that she didn't have a definite answer to where the bleeding came from (which has completely stopped), but she was pretty sure it was because of my tipped uterus. She said it's WAY back there and the baby usually puts it upright between 12 and 14 weeks... well that's where I am. She asked if I had any pain and pulling and I said definitely on my left side, felt like I was being stretched. She said that she was pretty sure then the baby was just trying to tip my uterus to where it is suppose to be and it's causing some discomfort and bleeding. She said it should straighten but don't be surprised if I have more bleeding, but it's very likely I won't have anymore at all. Let's hope!

Before she left the room we were talking about how nervous we were because it was like reliving the ER experience from the miscarriage and how panicked we were. She said "Welcome to Parenthood!" She said we'll get the same panic feeling the first time they get on there bike and ride just out of sight, and again when the get into a car with a friend for the first time. She said our parenthood worrying starts early. She was so sweet and it reassured me that things were going to be ok... it's just that pregnancy isn't always easy!

Here's a picture of Aidan and his back bone and ribs... pretty cool huh! My mom told me we didn't need anymore pictures of him if it was going to be because of "scares". I agree! I CAN wait for the next SCHEDULED ultra sound. I need to rest now and take care of me and The Babe. But we sure are glad that he's ok!


Lauren said...

Whew! I am so glad everything is looking good! Yeah for Baby Aidan! :) Prayer went out to you! Are you going to post a belly pick again?? :)

Jen J said...

I'm so sorry that you had to go through this, but I'm glad that baby Aidan is snuggled up tight - safe & sound.

Let's hope for a less adventuresome "untipping" next time!

Anonymous said...

So glad that things turned out okay! I am thinking about you and baby Aidan:)

alicia said...

ohh freaky!!! I am so glad everything is alright! and what a great pic!!!