Thursday, October 30, 2008

And The Award Goes To.... ME!

I got my very first blog award!!!! I am so honored, they like me.... they really, really like me!

My dear friend Alicia gave me this award and really, I feel so special! She even said all this nice stuff about me: "I have known this girl for 2 years now I think! She has been with me through all the hard times, and is truly an amazing woman. She is so compassionate and understanding and now has a blog! Which I LOVE!"

Isn't that sweet?

Awards don't come easy, there is a meme with this one. I had to answer each question with a one word answer, it might be a little weird, but here we go... Keep reading though to see who I pass the award along to!

1. Where is your cell phone? Desk
2. Where is your significant other? home
3. Your hair color? Blondish
4. Your mother? Great
5. Your father? Georgia
6. Your favorite thing? Pregnancy
7. Your dream last night? WIERD!
8. Your dream/goal? Aidan
9. The room you're in? office
10. Your hobby? scrapping
11. Your fear? Lonely
12. Where do you want to be in six years? Maine
13. Where were you last night? home
14. What you're not? energetic
15. One of your wish list items? Hotsling
16. Where you grew up? Maine
17. The last thing you did? coffee
18. What are you wearing? jeans
19. Your T.V.? off
20. Your Pet? hyper
21. Your computer? Windows
22. Your mood? OK
23. Missing someone? family
24. Your car? scion
25. Something you're not wearing? mittens
26. Favorite store? Old Navy
27. Your Summer? Wonderful
28. Love someone? course!
29. Your favorite color? Green
30. When is the last time you laughed? morning
31. When was the last time you cried? week

That was tough! And I am passing the award onto:

My husband! He has just recently started blogging and even though I "know" these things about him, I love reading it and knowing he's not afraid to share with the blogging community how he feels about our pending son, Aidan and life.


Joelle! She's still pretty new to blogging but she's on an amazing and rough journey through IVF and has had many ups and downs, however, despite that, she's very upbeat and tries to always see the silver lining. She's a great writer and always has a great Fun Friday post!


Joelle said...

Jaime, I'm honored! Thanks so much!

alicia said...

ahh he started a blog! so going to have to read that!

Chris said...

"ahh he started a blog" yeah yeah she made me do it!