Monday, October 27, 2008

The Blog Project

So, I got the "history" blog all in a word document and formatted to print on 6x6 pieces of paper to put in an 8x8 scrapbook. I called my scrapbooking genius friend and asked about preserving the printed information. She informed me I'd really need buffered paper to keep the ink in place for years and years and said "why don't you just put it on CD?!"

Well my husband also said "why would you..... never mind, do what you like", in his way to give me an idea, but knew I had my mind set and knew I wouldn't listen anyway. But between the two of them it got me thinking. I looked at the document... 56 pages! Ok so what if I make the font smaller?... 40 pages. YIKES! That's a lot of buffered card stock!

Now the "history" (where we started up until IUI #2) is formatted for regular letter size paper, saved and when I have a moment, will be converted to a PDF at work. Then the PDF will be burned to a CD and for the crafty part, I'll make a label and CD cover for the case. This way I will not have to use up all my ink and paper, and I won't have to worry about something being spilled on the pages or it fading. Now lets just hope Adobe Reader still exists whenever I want to look at the CD... I'm sure it will... right?


alicia said...

oh wow, this is quite the project! I am sure later in life you will still be able to view the cd! We can still see stuff on floppy disks with the right computer!

MrsSpock said...

You can always reformat if the format should ever change, or if they upgrade Adobe. I would just make sure to resave it every time Adobe changes its program. And make a backup disc.

Laura said...

Happy Last Day of ICLW! I hope the rest of your week goes well.!!!!

Seriously? - Erin said...

Thanks for stopping by! I have the glucose test on the Monday of Thanksgiving week. I will be sure to post a review :)

That sounds like a great project. I should do some things like that. Right now I just keep a journal I write in twice a week for my little man.

I thought about a scarp book with ultrasound pictures etc. I am just not motivated enough!

alicia said...

hey! I have passed you along an award! go check out the blogage for details!