Saturday, October 11, 2008

Giant Chicken Nugget

We're reporting to you today to bring you the good, bad and ugly of pregnancy...

Earlier this week in the Sayers' household there was a small breakdown... ok who we kidding, I cried and was so upset! You see, my birthday is Monday and to make things easy for Chris I told him I'd buy my birthday gift. I wanted dress boots. The kind that go just below your knee and have a small heel. Wednesday I went to buy these boots. After visiting Famous Footwear, Target, Fashion Bug and even Walmart, I was bootless and my self esteem was shot! Not that I couldn't find the boots, but because they will not zip! There was not a single pair that would zip further than 3 inches past my ankle bone.

And while I know I've gained weight, I wasn't expecting fat calves! And I don't blame the pregnancy entirely...I did gain approximately 30 pounds in the year prior to getting pregnant taking fertility drugs. And well, haven't tried on any knee high boots in like 3 years.

I got over it by buying a great pair of shoes last night at Nine West. I had a friend try and convince me to wait until after pregnancy because my feet could grow and never go back... I'll cross that bridge when I get there, but I refuse to go another 6 months without cute shoes! And besides, these have 3 adjustable straps so that if/when my feet swell, I can just loosen them and I'll be all set. Some may say the heel is crazy for pregnancy, but let me just tell you another ugly of pregnancy...

I waddle already! I put on these heels and my waddle was gone! Here are the shoes I got that make me feel like a sexy pregnant woman... more photos hopefully to follow after my birthday dinner Sunday when they are accompanied by my little black maternity dress.

OH YAH! Giant Chicken Nugget! What the heck right? Apparently that's what my belly is. Thursday night I picked up Smoky King BBQ and brought it home. Since I got bbq ribs, and we eat in the living room, I decided to sit on the floor at the coffee table as to avoid making a mess. Dinner was delish! And we sat and relaxed, then I cleaned up. On my way back to the living room I was rubbing my very full and satisfied belly and was like, what the heck? Something was all over the underside of my belly! I asked Chris what it was, slightly panicking that my skin was falling off... it was bbq sauce! He helped me wipe it off since I could not see it what so ever. Little did I know my belly had turned into a giant chicken nugget dunked in bbq sauce. Thankfully, we didn't have company as I was embarrassed enough with just me and Chris seeing it.

Until next time...

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alicia said...

oh no boot crisis! I am sorry, but the ones you ended up with are better then any calf high boots! those are HOT!

ahhh my feet are cyring out in envy! I soo want to wear my pretty shoes, but one fall scares a girl enough, right into boring flats :(

haha so cute about your chicken nuget belly!