Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Just a quick little note to let you know that Chris felt the baby kick tonight!

We were standing in line at Wendy's for dinner after picking up our crib at JC Penney (thanks Grandma & Grampa Sayers) and I said "Woah! The baby is kicking good, I felt it on my hand." Chris said he wanted to feel, but I thought it might be too early and usually the baby only kicks once or twice and stops... well not this time. He (or she) gave Daddy a good ol' kick in the hand. Chris, quite loudly, says "WOW! I felt it! It was pretty hard!". I told Chris he should feel it from the inside! hehe

Both of us have been smiling quite a bit tonight!

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alicia said...

yay!! I can't wait to feel the kicks!