Monday, October 20, 2008

NIAW and a Half

(Updated) Two things to discuss today.

NIAW - This week is National Infertility Awareness Week and runs from October 19th through the 25th. Resolve is a great organization with resources about infertility, they sponsor this wonderful week. They are holding free online seminars throughout the week, today is about domestic adoption. Go check them out! Resolve is about learning, coping and taking action with infertility, a nasty disease that affects 7.3 million Americans. It is important to me, to let others know that despite me being pregnant, I have not forgotten the journey Chris and I took to get here. I did not join Resolve myself, however I have found their website useful and it was a great guide to get me started in "taking charge" of my fertility.

Today, in recognition of NIAW, I'd like to recognize the clinic, doctors and nurses that made it possible for Chris and I to combat infertility, Shady Grove Fertility Reproductive Science Center. The staff at the branch we went to were amazing. Not only were they very knowledgable, but understanding and supportive. I'll never forget "graduation day" when we saw the heartbeat of our baby the 2nd time at 8 weeks. I told Dr. Mottla that it was bittersweet and I didn't really want to leave. He said he understood, but that was the goal, the goal was to graduate. Thank you Shady Grove for helping our dreams come true of becoming pregnant!

Secondly, I'd like to announce that today is the half way mark! We have completely 140 days of pregnancy, only 140 more to go (give or take). Hard to believe it's here already.

I told my mom this weekend that I love being pregnant. Maybe it's because my morning sickness never lead to actual vomiting, or maybe it's because it took 5 years to get here. And maybe not. Maybe I just love being pregnant. Really, I don't care the reason. I am truly happy to have a child growing inside of me and I already miss the time that has passed already.

So here is to Infertility Awareness and here is to The Babe. May more people become aware of the stigma that is infertility and more things be done about it, on a personal level and national level. And may this miracle growing inside my womb, continue to grow happily and healthy.

Mommy and Daddy will see you tomorrow Munchkin!!!

(Tomorrow is the big level 2 ultra sound where we'll get confirmation that this is a boy! Post and pictures to follow)
20 weeks belly shot. Please excuse the face! I'm tired, didn't get a good night's rest last night and to top it off had a sinus headache all day.... but the belly is still growing! I was so worried it wasn't, or hasn't in a couple weeks, so I loaded this weeks and one from the end of 17 weeks in Photoshop, put one on top of the other and lightened the opacity of the top image so I could see through it... sure enough, belly is bigger... just bigger at the bottom of it. This belly is so low! I guess that's typical for a boy... but seriously, it makes the waist band of my undies roll... how comfy is that! I really didn't think I'd need "maternity" underwear!


Lindsey said...

Half way there - yay! Have fun tomorrow. Can't wait to hear the update.

alicia said...

yay half way there! that is great and you look great! lovin that belly!