Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oops, Forgot Something...

I had a doctor's appointment at the end of the month I didn't fill you in, on didn't I?!

It was September 24th and everything was great. The nurse again took a few minutes to track down the heartbeat, but that's because she was chasing the babe all over my belly. He was quite active! She finally got it and started timing it (161 bpm) and there was a static noise. She said that was the baby kicking the doppler! She asked if I felt it, but I hadn't, however we definitely heard it! And I have gained another 4 pounds, right on track for that month, a pound a week.

Not sure if you noticed, but I've been trying to say "the baby" more instead of Aidan or "he". Our ultra sound to confirm the sex is October 21st and they reminded us at the last appointment that the last ultra sound was really early, and the verdict could be different this time around. Chris and I were trying not to say "he" too much, but we were so excited. Not that we wouldn't be if it was a girl, but when you're at the mall and there's tons of 12-14 year old giddy girls running around, you love the thought of a quiet boy! Especially if you've never been a giddy girl, I personally was quite a tom-boy. Anyway, we're trying to relax and just wait to see what the next ultra sound says.

I chatted a bit with the doctor about the classes offered at the hospital and they are FREE! Yahoo! So I've signed up for 4 out of the 5. Didn't think I needed the one to introduce big brothers or sisters to a new family member. And I also asked him when we'll start talking about my "birth plan". He kind of chuckled and said "plan?!", but he knew what I meant. He said anytime, so I just let him know that I wanted to avoid a c-section unless deemed absolutely necessary for the health of the baby or my own health. He agreed. Phew!

One last thing, I'm definitely feeling the baby move now. It's pretty scattered and not consistent, but I feel it about once a day. Sometimes it's just one little poke, and other I think the baby's practicing boxing or cycling in there! Either way, I love it!

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alicia said...

wow you are feeling baby move!! sooooo awesome! I can't wait!