Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sorry!!! Bad Blogger!

It's been too long since I posted last, sorry! I had all intentions of posting earlier in the week but it just slipped right by. I was going to post Monday but was tired, was going to post Tuesday but knew I was getting my hair cut on Wednesday so thought I'd wait to have cute hair... then Wednesday came, as did Thursday, and Friday and here it is Saturday and I'm just getting to taking my 17 weeks belly shot! Well, better late than never right? Here's the belly shot at 17 weeks 5 days.... and my new haircut.

For those of you that know me in real life, my face is getting fatter isn't it! I'm noticing that I'm getting rounder in more places! Including the butt! Could have gone without that happening, but oh well. I told Chris my butt has to get bigger, it's my stabilizer so I don't tip over as my belly gets bigger.

It's funny though, every once in a while I get a little sad that my belly isn't really that big yet, or I don't really look pregnant. The girl that cut my hair said she couldn't even tell, I look great. But for some reason, that's not what I want to hear right now. But, I say thank you and take it in stride, because I'm sure when I'm about 8-9 months pregnant, I'll be feeling like a house and will want to hear that exact phrase!

Yesterday, when I was a little concerned about the size of my belly, and feeling it wasn't growing, I got on the scales. Now, I'm pretty sure our cheap set of bathroom scales, are just that, cheap, and are not accurate. But still. They say I've lost weight. They've always said I weigh less than the doctor's scales but seem consistently different than the doctor's. Well I got on there last night and it said I had lost around 4 or 5 pounds. Maybe I haven't, maybe I have. But I got thinking about my diet. I eat really well! I love my vegetables and if I only have 1 or 2 servings earlier in the day of fruits or veggies, I make sure I get a lot at dinner or snacks. But thinking about it, I'm not really eating much more than before I was pregnant, maybe even a little less.

I've been really concerned that I was overweight (not by a lot but some) before I got pregnant so really all I should gain this pregnancy is 20 - 25 pounds. But I need to get it in my head that I need to make sure I'm getting the 2300 - 2500 calories a day so that the baby can grow, grow, grow! Granted I don't think pregnancy is an excuse to eat everything under the sun, but I'm going to lighten up a little, and actually eat a little more. And I started this morning!

After Chris and I slept in, I said I have a really strong desire... a desire to go out for breakfast! So we got dressed and headed to Denny's. I was trying to pick my 4 items to make my "slam", but I couldn't! I knew I wanted eggs and they had to be cooked cooked, so scrambled it was. But did I want bacon? sausage? toast? hashbrowns? pancakes?... I wanted it all! Chris said, "Go ahead, get the Lumberjack, you get ham too. I'll eat it if you don't want it, but just a side of pancakes will cost you $4". So I did! I had 2 eggs scrambled, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of sausage, 2 pieces of toast, 2 pancakes and hashbrowns. Now, I will tell you that I didn't finish it all. There was a pancake left and 1 1/2 sausage links (only because the sausage was gross), and the ham (Chris ended up being too full from his All American Slam to eat the ham). I commented on how I couldn't believe what I ate and Chris said he wasn't sure if he should be impressed or scared! I think I was hungry!

So this is my October resolution... stop worrying about what I eat. I don't eat a lot of junk anyway, I don't care for sweets too much since being pregnant, and I love my fruits and veggies. I don't think I'm going to over do it, and seriously now, who gains exactly what they're suppose to anyway?


Amy said...

You totally look pregnant and gorgeous!!! I didn't look pregnant at all when I was 17-18 weeks....couldn't even tell I was pregnant until I was close to 7 months, which was weird. You have the cutest belly, you lucky gal---flaunt it!

alicia said...

awe love the pic!!! and the new hair cut! you look great but defiantly PG!!