Monday, November 10, 2008

23 Weeks

Here we are at 23 weeks already! Hard to believe!
I know I'm looking pretty tired here, starting to get a little cold and have a nice ol' cold sore to top off the look. Lovely feature I have, instead of getting sick, I just get ugly!

But the belly is growing nice and healthy and bigger every day. Aidan kicks like crazy! Usually around 11 am, around 5 pm, and then again when I decide to relax for the night, usually he's really active around 9 pm. Tonight I decided he must really like Smokey King food! We went for bbq, I ate like a pig and had chicken, ribs, french fries with ketchup and vinegar and broccoli! I think he liked the fries the best, he gave me a good 1, 2 punch !

What I really find amazing is that he's just hit around 1 pound and is about 11 - 12 inches in length. According to the emails I get, his facial features are becoming more and more defined and despite not having any body fat yet, he's well proportioned. What's really quite crazy is that by the end of this week, his lungs will be developed enough that if he were to come anytime after this week he could survive with the right care. Unbelievable! Good thing we've been working on the nursery! Here's some pics of the latest...

The whole crib... I took the shelf off the wall because it didn't line up right with the crib. I'm thinking I'll do the wooden letters in sage green that spell out Aidan and put on the wall above the crib. The shelf will find a new home somewhere...

Close up of the crib. I'm very anxious to get the bedding but we'll hold off a bit yet. I do have the mattress covered with a beach towel right now to keep dust and cat hair off of it.
And last but not least, the changing pad came today. Again, we'll wait for a bit for the cover, no rush, and it needs to be secured to the changing table top... maybe this weekend, no rush on that yet either.
So there you have it! Finally nursery updates! By the way, aren't the teddy bears so cute! The one on the left I got him, it says "My First Teddy" and the other his Grammy (my mom) got him, it has angel wings and says Grandma's Angel.... oh and you can see the styling beach towel in this shot! hehe... don't worry we're not changing the theme to hot pink and yellow stripes!
FYI - Probably won't post the rest of the week. It's auction time, which means busy time! Auction will be over Thursday afternoon and we'll see how I feel on Friday!


Anonymous said...

I love how the bears are "peeking" over the crib. You did a beautiful job.

Love grandma Sayers

Lindsey said...

Stop with the ugly talk! You look great. As does the nursery which Aidan is sure to love.

alicia said...

awe you look great! and the nursery is really turning out nice!!! can't wait to see it all done up :)