Sunday, November 23, 2008

24 Weeks!

Not too much is going on... even on the blog front. Sorry I've been so quiet. My back is getting better, however the belly is starting to get heavy and I'm having a harder time staying comfortable, and yet, such a ways to go.

I forgot to post a belly pic from last week, despite remembering to take it, so here it is. 24 weeks. This past week Aidan's kicks have been getting stronger and stronger and I definitely feel them from the outside. He only kicks once or twice so when I tell Chris, by the time his hands are on my belly, Aidan has settled somewhere else. I think it's a little aggravating for Chris, but before we know it we'll be watching my belly move with him moving around inside.
Yesterday I had my first parenting class. It was New Mom, New Baby and Infant Care & Safety. It was about 3 hours long and was very interesting. I didn't know how much I would "learn" but I learned a lot. We were told about different things a baby could be born with that aren't preventable, harmful but are there and if we didn't know we'd worry. Such things as stork bites, newborn rash and bruising. All are normal. We were also told about car for ourselves after delivery including episiotomy and tearing care and about diaper rashes, circumcision care and cord care. And we got a book too, just in case we forget when the baby is born.
I really liked the mom that sat across from me, her name was Marie and we're taking Labor & Delivery class together too. I'm hoping we can get to know each other better and maybe a friendship will evolve and our kids will be friends.
Funniest moment (besides the sex after delivery talk) in the class was when we were introducing ourselves. We said our names, due date, and boy or girl. So I also mentioned that our boy will be Aidan Christopher... I was like the 4th to introduce myself. It got around the whole class and the last girl said she was due in January, to a boy, who will also be named Aidan Christopher... she has good taste!
More importantly though was the 24 week appointment! Everything was perfect as usual. Instead of the 10 seconds to find Aidan's heartbeat it took more like a minute though, the nurse literally had to chase him around my belly with the doppler he was moving so much. Once she found it, it was perfect 160 beats. My blood pressure was perfect, I think it was 117/65. I'm still measuring perfect and gained 5 lbs in the past month. I know it's still on track, but I need to watch myself as I didn't think I had gained any! And the whole not caring for sweets thing is totally gone! Give me candy and cookies and cake!!!
My next appointment is Dec. 2nd for the 1 hour glucose testing for gestational diabetes. That's just at labcorp. Then they'll go over the results at my monthly visit with the OB. After that appointment we go down to every 2 weeks!!! I can't believe I'll be at the 2 week appointment point! HOLY MOLY!

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