Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Big Election

I did my duty (and my right) and voted yesterday evening. So why don't I feel that great about it?

Maybe it's because I went to our small town's fire station to vote at 7 pm and was voting by myself. As I walked in and gave my name, 2 people were finishing voting and left before I even got to a "booth" (a folding table with plastic white guards so no one could see my screen). I stood alone in the hall, voting my choice. I finished, handed my plastic card back to a "judge" and as I was leaving the fire station another couple were walking in. So 5 people total! I guess I was a little disappointed, I expected to wait in line and see people eager to vote for the next president. Instead I barely noticed the first 2 people, and then let the last 2 know they were in the right place. There was a sign that said "VOTE" with an arrow crammed in the railing of the stairs that sort of suggested you go up stairs to vote.

Then I guess I'm a little disappointed that I voted ... and lost. I voted for McCain. I'm not that big into politics but I was nervous about Obama. I was afraid he had a blind following because he spoke so well. I was afraid that he'd get the vote based purely on race. I was afraid he had no experience. And well, to be honest, I'm a little disappointed that they win by electoral votes and not popular vote and because I live in Maryland my vote doesn't count for as much as those in Florida or California. Never understood, but I can't change it!

I didn't even really try to stay up for the results last night. I fell asleep on the couch, then hobbled to bed at 11. I woke this morning after dreaming that McCain pulled it off and the news was all about him beating the odds... guess I'm not psychic!

I'm not upset that Obama is the president elect. I hope that what I was nervous about pushes him to succeed and step up for this Nation. To me it doesn't matter that he's "half black", to me he is American. However, I recognize the significance of him being elected because of his race. I realize that history has been made, not just that the US has elected a 44th president, another to be pictured and studied in the history books of the future, but the US, as a majority, has looked past age, race, and gender and elected someone who they feel will improve the way this country is run.

I may not feel great about my personal experience voting, but I find it an honor and I am truly proud to be an American where for the first time in my 31 years I see this country as a melting pot. I mean, history really was made! For the first time not only did we have a woman run for candidacy, but also a man with an African American heritage run and win!

Now, all I can say is I really hope we see that change he's been talking about! Let's get our troops back home without surrendering, but make a difference over there. Let's move forward to a greener, safer US. Let's "try" to take care of that deficit. Let's keep the American Pride alive! And may God Bless America!!!


alicia said...

ohhh love the new blog layout!!!! so pretty :)

Joelle said...

nice new layout! hate to say it but even if they went by popular vote, obama would have won. well, i don't really hate to say it since i voted for obama. :)