Monday, November 24, 2008

Belly Shots

Just some photos of me at 25 weeks... not too much is going on. This morning Aidan was very active and kicked Dad a couple times! And he's moving on up! Aidan that is, he's moved up and is stretching my ribs. I'm short of breath most of the times and my ribs are sore sometimes. However, it's nice that he's no longer tap dancing on my pelvic bone!

This sweater used to be my "big" sweater! I buttoned it to show how it so does not fit anymore! I'm starting to realize that not only are my non maternity clothes that were once big, fitting snug or getting small, but some of my maternity clothes are getting tighter! YIKES!!! These jeans I have on in the photos are my "under belly" maternity pants... yeah, they're tight! I'm good sitting because I can pull them up, but when I'm standing they are getting snug and it feels like they're pushing my bladder into my uterus even more than Aidan is! Think I'll be wearing the full panel jeans from here on out!

Aidan's skin is no longer transparent and he's starting to pack on the baby fat! The spinal structures and lungs are busy developing and he's approximately 1.5 lbs and just about a foot long.

I guess it's about this time, end of 2nd trimester and beginning of 3rd, my energy will start to drop again... funny, not sure I ever noticed it picking up! I'm so tired each night and sometimes it turns me into a bear! I apologized to Chris last night about it and really need to work on not snapping at him because I'm uncomfortable or tired.
Sorry hun! You're wonderful and you've helped me so much and I am very appreciative for all your hard work and support! I love you!!!

Guess that's it for now... Will probably post to let everyone know how Thanksgiving went and to wish everyone a great Turkey day, then you'll hear from me again in December after the glucose test...


alicia said...

awe I am super loving your belly!!! so cute!

I can't wait for Keith to start feeling Twinkle kick! ahh he tried last night, but Twinkle stops performing when any hand is on the belly, even mine!

Lindsey said...

I love the belly pics! You look fantastic. I am so very excited for you! And I love living a little vicariously through you as well. :)