Saturday, November 29, 2008

So much to be thankful for...

I didn't want to run what I'm thankful for in with all the food. As the food was good, it's not what is important.

I want to share with you that Aidan started our day off perfectly! As we relaxed on the couch, drinking coffee and trying to wake up, Aidan kicked so hard that my arm moved and it startled me. I was wearing a robe so I opened it up and we sat watching my belly. I thought for sure a kick that hard could be seen from the outside.... sure enough! He kicked again and a big lump protruded out beside my belly button, then again... and again. We watched for like 10 minutes, my belly contorting and moving. It was very weird I must admit. It felt strange and looked stranger... but honestly, it was amazing. Chris and I sat there and smiled watching our little man move all about, what a great start to Thanksgiving day!

Dinner at the Guyette's was wonderful and instead of saying grace, we went around the table to say what we are thankful for. Of course everyone mentioned family and friends and being there together to be able to enjoy the great food together and to health. Gary said he was thankful that Obama wasn't sticking to his campaign promises and was not going to raise our taxes, and that we were all together.

Then Chris started it... he got me crying! Which in his defence isn't really hard to do. He said he was thankful that in times like this (holidays) where we are so far away from our own blood, that we are invited to join the Guyette's and their family as if we are family. He was thankful that we had people that cared about us as if we were family and that he was so thankful to have our own family expanding by one in the new year.

I was all choked up. He's amazing isn't he?!

Then it was my turn. I thought I could speak, but when I opened my mouth I sounded like a school boy hitting puberty and my voice cracked and squeaked and tears started running down my face. So I said first and foremost I'm thankful that in 3 months I won't cry so easily. It was an attempt to crack a joke and get myself focused, it didn't work! Gary said that I'd probably cry easier once my baby was born, and he's probably right!

I said, like Chris I am so thankful to be part of the Guyette's family and to be welcome to share Thanksgiving with them. Of course, I am thankful to have our little miracle growing strong inside of me. But most of all I am so thankful that when he is born that he is going to get to meet and know such amazing people. Or at least, that's what I tried to say between sobs.

Dale wrapped it up by saying that Chris and I were hard to follow. She also said she was thankful for the miracle that is Aidan. She also said that in a way he is like their first grandchild in a way and she is just so excited to meet him.

Chris and I have truly been blessed this year. At times we really don't like being in Maryland and we really want to move back home, closer to family. But looking back on the past year, I really wouldn't change it! Sometimes I really feel that things happen for a reason. I told my mom, had we never moved to Maryland, we probable wouldn't have bought a house yet, wouldn't have decided ok, we're settled, let's get pregnant and find out why it hasn't happened yet, we wouldn't have had access to one of the greatest fertility clinics in all of the US and we would have Aidan on the way.

So in light of Thanksgiving I want to say thank you to our friends, our family, to our friends that have become our family, and to the "ways of the world". Thank you for letting all the good things happen for Chris and I. And most of all, Thank you Chris for being a part of this journey!

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alicia said...

awe! I am glad you had a great thanksgiving, even with all the tears :) It sounds liek you have some amazing ppl in your life.