Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had a very busy weekend! Saturday was our 8 hour Labor & Deliver class at the hospital I will be delivering at. Sunday we put up our Christmas tree. And Monday marked 27 weeks pregnant!

Labor & Deliver Class - Yes it was 8 hours long, but they offer either an 8 hour class or two 4 hour classes and this month they were only offering the one 8 hour, so we took it. The first half of the class really flew by! There was a lot of information but it was very interesting, and I was nice and awake. After lunch was another story, the tour of the maternity ward was good, but then I was tired and hot and ready for the class to end.

Chris and Lacey joined me for the class. Lacey is a surgery recovery nurse at this hospital and sometimes helps c-section mom's recover so she knew the maternity ward well and I told her we're avoiding that surgery and recovery room, I didn't care if that was what she knew best! I was afraid I had bored Lacey to death by having her come to the class, but as my birth coach I felt it was important to have her remember how I'm suppose to breath as I may not! She wasn't bored though and did tell her husband, Zac, that she actually learned quite a bit. YAY! Lacey was my recovery nurse after my LAP surgery and it was so nice to see a familiar face, but also one that I knew could take care of me too! She made sure she got my meds ordered right away!

Chris on the other hand got something completely different from the class than Lacey and I did. I think I was just so excited that I didn't notice, but Chris noticed that in an up-beat way, the nurse teaching the class was very negative towards the hospital and the doctors. And to a point that the class that was suppose to ease some of Chris's fears, made him more nervous! I have to say though that I am very proud of my husband! He watched 2 videos of babies being born and never once turned pale. He said we could have done without the 2nd video though and it wasn't the birth that bothered him it was that the mother reached down to feel the baby crowning and then when they put the baby on the mom, the mom's hand was covered in blood. I asked if doctors automatically plopped the baby on the mom after birth or can they clean them up first. The nurse said it was our choice so I'll see what I want to do when the time comes.

So, the negativity... at one point she named a doctor and told a story about how a woman came in 8 cm dilated and ready to go at 3 am. The nurse called the doctor 3 times and he never woke up. He'd answer and say, "uh huh" and fall back asleep. The nurse ended up delivering the baby. Chris did not want to hear that the doctor's don't wake up when they are called! She also complained about there only being 13 beds and sometimes you end up delivering in a triage room, which is about the size of a broom closet! And there are only 2 anesthesia techs on call and they both work the Easton hospital and Cambridge hospital so if you need anesthesia (epidural or c-section) you may have to wait for an anesthesia tech to get there which could be 15 minutes or more... I don't know about anyone else but it takes me closer to 25 minutes to go from Cambridge to Easton!

I really don't think the nurse had to keep telling us "horror" stories. One or two would have been fine and emphasising that the nurse staff is wonderful and can handle just about anything. OH, and she kept bring up perpetrators trying to come in and steal babies. That's why visiting hours are when they are, that's why only 5 people are allowed in your room, etc. So this got Chris nervous that they have a problem with people trying to steal babies! Not what a pregnant mom wants to hear!

On a plus side, we were also shown how an epidural is performed (luckily an animation not real as I had trouble watching the animation). And I also found out they can give you drugs like Nubian through IV to ease pain instead of the epi. In the beginning I was dead set on having the epi, but now I'm not so sure. I think I'll play it by ear and see how I feel and what I can handle. I'm no longer so gung-ho about the epi and am willing to try without. But if it gets unbearable, I'll be asking for it!

Putting up the tree - We got our tree out of storage on Sunday. We have to have an artificial tree as we have 2 cats and a dog and we don't trust them. Peanut (cat) has eaten every plant I have ever owned and Jessie (dog) pulls branches off of trees outside! But I have a pine scented bag o' stuff that I put in the tree and a pine scented candle so at least the house smells like a real tree.

I spend more time getting the fake tree to look real than we do decorating it, so that was the first task at hand. Then when the tree was up, lights were on, I had Chris help decorate with me. This is the last year with this theme. We do red and white lights with red and gold decorations along with our miscellaneous decorations. We have a red velvet with leopard print trim skirt, matching stockings and angel for the top. But we've had it for years and I haven't noticed this theme for a few years in the stores and well, next year Aidan's stocking should match ours! So after Christmas I'm hoping to score some great deals on a new theme... I'm thinking rustic/country but stick with red and white still. Here's our tree:

With lights on and no flash...

With flash so you can actually see the tree and angel... yeah, we're blocking a door but we never use it anyway...

And this is my favorite ornament this year! My mom and Vickie got it for us, it says "2008 Parents-to-Be". Just the best!!!

And finally... 27 weeks pregnant! No appointments this week, they are all next week so I'll have plenty to talk about then! Things are going smooth still. Aidan decided to sleep in this morning and hasn't been his usual kicking self. I was starting to get nervous and asked Chris what he thought I should do. Per his suggestion I ate a couple pieces of candy (Now and Laters) and within a couple minutes got a little kick followed by 2 big jabs. Then he rolled over. Guess he's tired this morning. OH! And yesterday at the grocery store I got my very first "when you due?" question from a stranger. It's weird, but it made my day! Here's the belly pic for this week...

Until next time...

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alicia said...

wow 8 hour class is sooo long! But I am glad it was informative, too bad about all the weird negative stuff she mentioned! the tree looks awesome and so do you! yay!