Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!


Here's the whole story...

Saturday, wake up around 7:30, feeling great, have a bunch of stuff to do... start my day. Chris had gone to work and I had breastfeeding class at 9 am. I got dressed, laughed at myself a lot because I got stuck in a maternity shirt! It was denim and I outgrew it, it wouldn't stretch. So I wore a non-maternity sweater, very form fitting but it really showed off my bump and I put on make up and felt awesome. I took a bunch of pictures of myself and sent them to Chris and my MIL and joked about what a cute pregnant woman I was.

Went to class - the best class I had taken yet. The nurse was great, the info was great, the other class members (all 5 of us) were great and talkative. We didn't even finished the presentation, stayed 30 mins after it was suppose to be over and just chatted about birth and breastfeeding. Chatted more with the girls after class how I feel so far behind everyone and took the classes early and it was making me feel like March was so far away!

Left class and met a co-worker for dessert/lunch. We went to a nice restaurant and had tea and desserts and chatted for like an hour. Left there and visited Chris at work, I was still hungry, he needed lunch, went to McDonalds. Then I proceeded to shop for a couple hours for potential Christmas gifts for the company party and get more supplies for a scrapbook I'm suppose to give as a gift. - Came home scrapped for hours, Chris came home and I started supper around 7.
Made spaghetti, ate 2 big plates but was starting to feel heavy before, but still hungry. Thought is was hunger. After dinner I told Chris I wasn't feeling quite right and wanted to take a bath. I soaked for like an hour and it felt so great, just being weightless in there. Joked with Chris that I thought the tub had shrunk since my last bath.

After I got out, I just still felt strange. I was peeing a lot! And peed while I was drying my self off on the toilet and felt like a weird downward feeling in my vagina. I told Chris if that was a kick it was like he kicked through. I then peed, and a fair amount like every 20 minutes. Twice I had quite a bit of "slime" to say the least. It was like EWCM. Decided to drink some water and lay down. I was feeling, just not right and heavy.

I laid in bed for a bit, it was around 10 when I called Chris in just to hold me. I felt incredibly sad and wasn't sure what was happening but my stomach was getting worse. I told him I wasn't sure if it was BH, but I was pretty sure they weren't suppose to hurt and my stomach was really starting to hurt. Yet the upper part where I thought I'd feel contractions felt normal. I was peeing every 15 minutes and the only relief I got was sitting peeing. The last time I got up I decided I better call the dr. Called the office which gave me instructions to call the hospital and ask for the birthing center. While I was trying to talk to the nurse to tell her what was happening, it got worse, to the point where I couldn't talk to her, I told her to wait a min, so I could answer and she said "come in".

While registering I could barely talk, was crying and scooching down on my knees holding on to Chris. They got a wheel chair and brought me to L&D. In the triage room they checked and I was 1-2 cm dilated. Ths was just before midnight. The dr on call thought my water had broke and called my OB's office dr on call. It was Dr. Judd (side comic relief - He looks 20 and not bad on the eyes). He came in and apologized that he was wearing jeans and an ambercrombie shirt, Chris and I said we didn't care since he got there so fast! He checked me and didn't think my water had broke but I was definitely 1cm dilated, 80% effaced. I was having contractions and they were getting harder and closer together. They got me breathing through them, Chris was so great. They decided to put in an IV, 3 jabs later (kept busting through valves in my veins?) they called an ER nurse up that put the IV in my arm, not sure what happened there but she got it in and blood went everywhere. I looked at her and she was just holding her hand like a cup and blood was all over it. Shortly after that contractions were worse and I threw up... then again a little later.

I asked if I was going to have my baby and a nurse just nodded her head and said yes most likely. I told Chris to call Lacey, my mom and his. Lacey came and just helped be there for Chris as I was still in the triage room. They had me on magnesium to try and slow the contractions, this worked a little. I got to breath between them! They slowed from abut 2-3 mins apart to about 6.

They called John Hopkins hospital in MD to find out where a NICU bed was, it was at Mercy in Baltimore. They were sending a helicopter to get me to deliver there so it would be safer for Aidan. So somewhere in here I was now 2-3 cm dilated and my little triage room had 3 nurses, Chris, Lacey, the dr and 3 helicopter people. I was on my 2nd bag of mag which managed to slow my contractions to 4 mins apart. Dr. Judd apologized for having the discussion in the room then yelled at the heli people that they needed to take me NOW! They wanted my contractions 8 minutes apart because the flight was mostly over water, and they CAN NOT deliver on the heli, they have to land. Dr. Judd said NO WAY, that's not happening. Kicked them out and sent me to a delivery room. He said we'll call in the NICU team and they can fly out the baby. It was at this point where I was panicking and contractions HURT! I was begging for something. Right before he kicked them out I told my nurse (who was amazing) that I couldn't do this. I said they hurt too much and if I have to go in a heli without my DH and possibly deliver in a helicopter I NEEDED PAIN RELIEF!!! They wouldn't give me drugs because they were just too afraid it would sedate Aidan on delivery and he needed all his strength. They kept reassuring me I was breathing great - but I didn't think I was.

By the time I got to a delivery room Dr. Judd said I could have an epi since I was staying. OH THANK GOD!!! Lacey got me through that (which was a cinch anyway) and then she was so tired. I told her to go we'd call her if anything changed. She got home, it was around 3 or so and she let us know she called in sick (to that hospital, she's a nurse) She was suppose to be on call at 7. Around 3:30 I was 7 cm but could now really breath and relax through contractions. By 4:30 I was 9 cm. By a little after 5 I was fully dilated, Chris was calling Lacey, and the parents. As he called Lacey they broke my water. She lives 15 mins away and was in my room by 5:45 and missed Aidan being born!

They broke my water and with the next contraction they checked the nursery to make sure the NICU heli team was ready, and everyone else, I picked a pediatrician about 30 minutes prior so she was there too. They told me not to push until they knew everyone was ready.

Next contraction I got to push. My longest break between contractions was while pushing. The first push Dr. Judd saw the head. 5 min break maybe, 2nd push was head out, 3rd was baby out. They placed him on my belly and I didn't even know he was out until I heard little gasping noises. I asked if he was out, they said yes, they wiped him a little, I got to see a tiny bit of his face, then they took him to the NICU team. He was born at 5:32 am Sunday, December 14th.
Chris was amazing. He didn't pass out and got to see Aidan a bit. And was just there for me. It was strange because I had this overwhelming sense of peace over me. I knew he was ok. And he was. He was breathing on his own and his pulse never wavered.

It was quite a while later but they told me he was doing great. They were having trouble regulating his blood pressure but with such a great pulse and him breathing on his own they weren't that worried that things would go wrong. They did intubate him just because being so little it was hard work for him to breath on his own. Chris got to go in and see him, my epi still had my legs numb and I couldn't walk. Chris said he was amazing. He got to touch him and Aidan curled his tiny little hands around his daddy's finger. Chris said he really didn't think a regular baby would be so active, he couldn't believe his boy was!

It was probably 9 am before they had him helicopter stable, whatever that means, but before they left they brought him in to see me. Despite all the wires and tubes he was so cute! He held my finger opened his mouth at me and then opened one eye. He really was just perfect. Then he took his first helicopter ride. The flight path went over my room so Chris got to watch him leave out the window.

By noon I was told I could go, but they hadn't ordered my rogham shot and they hadn't done this and they hadn't done that. I had breakfast, took a bath - felt so good to get clean! Got ready and finally got to leave around 1.

We were just about in Baltimore when Chris's mom let's us know there is a Raven's game going on. GREAT! It started at 4 and it was 2 and it was a 2 hour drive right past the stadium. Luckily everyone was already there! We got to Mercy and finally got to see my mom and the ILs. They all flew in to Baltimore that morning.

And we FINALLY got to see our boy. He weighed 2 lbs. 8 oz., 15 inches long. He still had a tube but was doing most of the breathing him self. His blood pressure was normal and stable as was everything else. It was so surreal!

Someone asked how I felt, and all I could say was I can't believe I had a baby this morning! I felt great, running on pure adrenaline, but feeling great. We were so hungry and tired by 7 and headed out for rest and food. We stopped to eat at a Red Robin and my mom got the waiter to bring Chris and I ice cream and he yelled to the rest of the restaurant that Baby Aidan Christopher was born this morning and we were celebrating his birthday and the wait staff sang happy birthday. I cried!

As for me and Chris... we're hanging in there! There are so many emotions, we don't know which one to recognize first. I'm so thankful our families are here and our boy is safe! I'll post pictures of him hopefully later today.


Jen J said...

Jaime & Chris~

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm sure that you're really processing a ton of emotions right now, but thanks for taking the time to share such a detailed birth story.

I know that the next several days and weeks will seem endless for you both, but know that there are love and prayers coming from far away. Aidan will be just fine and a year from now you won't even realize that he was a preemie.

Welcome to the world Aidan Christopher!

Lauren said...

Another congrats- the world is bigger by a Sayers! Sean & Becca already can't wait to meet their new friend Aidan! XO

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness. I was so confused when I saw the first line of this post. I started reading and crying and still am! I have never met you and I probably never will but I have been touched by your story and I am so grateful that your baby boy is here and safe and well. I am thinking about you and Chris and Aidan and am just so completely happy for you. Will keep sending love and good thoughts your way. Good job, Jaime. Look what you did! You're amazing.

MrsSpock said...

Whoa- what a big surprise! I hope Aidan continues to do well!

Janna said...

Congratulations!!!! How scary it all must have been. I'm glad it's all going well and I can't wait to see pictures!! Love to you both!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!! JAIME!! CONGRATS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, LOVE! :) sorry everything happened so crazily...but you'll always have special stories to tell Aidan about how he came onto the earth!!! God Bless!!!

Leah said...

Congratulations! My prayers are with your little boy.

Lauren said...

Holy Crap! Congrats! Said a prayer for your new little family! :)Your story made me cry too...I am still in a hyper-hormonal state from my own delivery! :)Love ya! LC

Heidi said...

Welcome to the world Aidan! What an entrance! Keep up the good work!

Joelle said...

Congrats a billion times over! So so happy for you guys. Hope Aidan is doing well!

Newt said...

Oh my gosh! Happy birthday, Aidan! I'm sure the NICU is scary, but it sounds like he's a strong little man. Can't wait to hear how he grows!

alicia said...

hey sweetie! sorry i have been so behind with blogs this week, but my aunt who reads my blog told me the good news! congrats. hope you are all doing well! thinking of you lots.