Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I knew it!

I knew there was something I was suppose to tell you yesterday, and I just couldn't think of it. I sat here starring at blogger's "new post" button absolutely clueless... pregnancy brain I tell ya! On my drive home last night I remembered what I was suppose to blog about and frankly, I'm surprised I remembered today!

I had my glucose screening yesterday.

Yup, that's the big news, hehe. But it wasn't so bad, I had myself all worked up. I wasn't concerned about the blood draw, geesh that's old hat after fertility treatments. I was concerned about the drink! I just heard nasty comments on the orange stuff and I was really afraid it would make me sick.

It didn't. And it wasn't even orange. It was fruit punch flavor and tasted like Hawaiian Punch, and it was kinda good. So I drank it down, sat for an hour and then they poked me and took 3 big vials of blood and I headed to work.

The doctor told me he'd just go over the results at my next appointment which is in 2 weeks, I'm sure if there was concern he'd let me know before that, so obviously he's not concerned. Neither am I.

Well, that's pretty much it. OH! In other news, I put head phones on my belly last night to see what kind of music would get a reaction out of Aidan. Just a short test, need to investigate further, but last night I played The Doors "Peace Frog", Sublime "What I Got", Guns N Roses "Welcome to the Jungle", Motley Crew "Girls, Girls, Girls", and Brittney Spears "Womanizer", you know, all stuff he'll here when he's here anyway! hehe...

Low and behold the only reaction I got was from "Womanizer"... hmmm.... I like the song, it's catchy, but I hope I'm not raising a little womanizer!!! It was cute though, the chorus came on and I got a good kick followed by a few smaller ones and it happened with each time the chorus started. Maybe he just likes a good dance beat? hehe


alicia said...

ohh so neat! I was thinking of doing that with Twinkle soon!

glad the test went ok and everything looks good!

lindsey. said...

A Britney fan! I love him already.