Monday, January 12, 2009

4 weeks already!

1/10 - Happy Birthday Daddy. Today is Chris's birthday and we spent most of the day with Aidan. Aidan's Grandma Theresa and his Auntie Michelle came from Massachusetts to visit as well. We got tons of stuff for Aidan for when he comes home and had a great visit! Aidan was weighed around 8 pm and weighed 3 lbs. 1.2 oz. We are so excited that our tiny baby has hit the 3 lbs mark!

Aidan's blood transfusions went well and he didn't retain much fluid at all. He is still alternating between the c-pap and nasal cannula and was on the cannula from noon until 4pm. During that time Aidan and I got to start kangaroo care.

Kangaroo care is a way of holding a preterm or full term infant so that there is skin-to-skin contact between the infant and the person holding it. The baby, wearing only a diaper, is held against the parent's bare chest. Kangaroo care for preterm infants is typically practiced for two to three hours per day over an extended time period in early infancy. With babies who are medically stable, there is no maximum duration for kangaroo care, some parents may keep their babies in-arms for many hours per day.

Researchers have found that the close physical contact with the parent can help to stabilize the preterm infant's heartbeat, temperature, and breathing. Preterm infants often have difficulty coordinating their breathing and heart rate. Researchers also have found that mothers who use kangaroo care often have more success with breastfeeding and improve their milk supply. Further, researchers have found that preterm infants who experience kangaroo care have longer periods of sleep, gain more weight, decrease their crying, have longer periods of alertness, and earlier hospital discharge.

It was so wonderful to hold our little guy and he seemed so happy to be in mommy's arms! Notice the cute little green hat he's wearing? My dear friend Christine sent it to us, her mom made 2 for Aidan. I think we'll have to bring the blue one Wednesday, as the green one is a little small. We've told his nurses to donate it to the NICU for other smaller babies. Thank you Christine & Kathy for the wonderful hats!

1/11 - Four weeks old today!!! Another good day for Baby Aidan. We spent most of the day with him again and we got to do Kangaroo Care again. However, today I had to hand him back to the nurse for a diaper change. He was so relaxed he pooped while I was holding him. Little Stinker!

And yes, the nurse changed him for me. They do offer me to change him, however kangaroo care is done with Aidan inside my shirt so it was just easier for her to take him and change him.

Both days he had a little brady while I was holding him but I would just rub his back a little harder than normal and it would stimulate him to start breathing better again. While it is scary we know it's because of the undeveloped nervous system and this could happen up to 1 year.
One of the doctors talked to Chris and I and said he's hoping to have Aidan off the c-pap completely by the end of the week and on scheduled feedings the following week. Right now he has a feeding tube that continuously supplies him with breast milk 22 hours out of the day. Next week he should be receiving feedings, still through the feeding tube, but every 3 hours like an older baby would be fed. He weighs 3 lbs. 3.4 oz. Such a good growing boy!

Aidan gave his nurses a hard time today. At one point he completely pulled his nasal cannula out of his nose and it was down around his chin. He had both hands behind his back and looked so comfortable. We had gone up to his isolette to say good night to him and found him that way. we were laughing so hard the nurse asked what he was doing. Once we told her she was laughing too and said she'd fix it, but was feeding another baby. Then his monitor beeped, his oxygen was a tad low (as he wasn't receiving any extra) so I put the nasal cannula back in his nose. He fussed at me, boy he's stubborn and wants to be off everything!

1/12 - Aidan may act like he wants nothing to do with the nurses or the machines, but he still needs them. During the night from midnight to 4 am, he had 9 A's & B's. That's just too many. During rounds this morning they discussed what they were going to do about it and he had x-rays done. I figured he'd go back on the c-pap for a couple days without the nasal cannula at all. But x-rays showed there was no reason for the A's & B's and Aidan should be just fine alternating still. So they decided they would not change the routine. I'm excited to call tonight to find out what he weighs today (they weigh him every night around 8 pm).

The next time we will see him will be Wednesday, time could not pass fast enough!


Lindsey said...

Happy birthday, Chris!

I love the picture of you and Aidan. You are a natural and you both look so content.

Crossing my fingers that time passes quickly for you until Wednesday!

alicia said...

oh wow! he is so cute, it sounds like he is doing better, and it is so great that you have been able to hold him!