Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Boy!

1/14 - Aidan stayed on the nasal cannula! He said he's a big boy now at 1 month old and was done with that old cpap! They did increase his caffeine and started him on a diarrhetic to keep the fluid build up to a minimum. He weighs 3lbs. 4.2 oz.

1/15 - We visited our big boy today who is still on the nasal cannula. He has changed so much just from Sunday. His head is already a lot rounder. The cpap cap really squished his head and made it long. We brought him the first blanket he had on his isolette back and brought him a teddy bear for inside with him. We also brought him a picture of me, Chris and Jessie that we took in attempt for a Christmas card, but Jessie didn't cooperate! But, I forgot it in the car! He'll get it on Sunday. Right before we left Chris noticed Aidan rooting around for his fingers and he was sucking on his pinkie finger. Then he found his thumb. It was so cute!!! We tried to get a picture but he stopped before we could get the camera ready. He had a great night on the nasal cannula and now weighs 3 lbs. 5 oz.

We had a nice chat with the nurse practitioner, the doctor also talked to us but he's Indian and has a thick accent and I can't understand him very well. But I had lots of questions for the practitioner! I asked her about milestones with a NICU baby and I know they are different when they come home with actual age and adjusted age, but do they have milestones they set for babies in the NICU. Basically she told me they do, but they are very open with them. She said around 34 weeks they'll start bottle feeding and that is about the time a baby should stop having A's & B's. She said if they continue into 35 weeks they start looking into why because it shouldn't happen. Also around 34-35 weeks they should start maintaining their body temperatures and move into a bassinet instead of an isolette. Aidan will be 33 weeks Monday so he is headed for big things very soon!

1/16 - No change since last night, will update later with weight and how today went for him. Until then, here are some great photos of the little man!
Zonked out in Mommy's arms!

A VERY proud Daddy!

A happy mom with a content baby!


alicia said...

awe such great pics!!! wow he is doing great!

Joelle said...

love the pics and ones of you guys too! chris looks like a tired and concerned papa!
hope you guys are hanging in there!