Friday, January 9, 2009

Not quite a step back...

Aidan is doing well, just not great. The good news is that he now weighs 2 lbs. 15.4 oz., however, he could loose a little weight over the next couple days as he is having another blood transfusion and they will give him medicine for fluid retention after the transfusion.

Preemies often need blood transfusions. Aidan has had 2 already. Preemies frequently have their blood tested and drawn and they can not replace their blood like we can. When this happens their hematocrit (crit) count (red blood cell count) gets too low, blood transfusions are necessary. When Aidan was first admitted in the NICU, when he had his first 2 transfusions, they didn't like his crit count to be below 40. Once a baby gets a little older they let it drop lower to try to get the bone marrow to basically do it's job and boost the red blood cells. Aidan's crit last night and this morning was 32. They were going to let his bone marrow try to increase the count, and watch that he didn't become symptomatic that it wasn't increasing. Symptoms include more frequent A's & B's (see post below for definition) and not tolerating feedings. Aidan threw up twice this morning.

They stopped his feedings for this morning and decided before he had A's & B's they would just transfuse. They x-rayed his belly and chest and everything looked fine, there wasn't a sign of infection or any fluid on the lungs which is very good. They started his feedings back up, he's receiving 8.8 mls every hour. He is still alternating 4 hours on the nasal cannula and 8 on the c-pap.

His eyes are looking a lot better and he is very active and alert during cares. Really, everything they are doing is more on a preventative measure. They are taking care of him now before things get worse. They will repeat the complete blood count, blood gas (measures the crit) and x-ray tonight to see how things are going. I suspect everything will be just fine!

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alicia said...

wow poor little guy! but it sounds like he is doing well with it all! what a brave little man. thanks for all the updates!