Friday, February 13, 2009

An Interview

It's a new game on the blog front... being interviewed. I was interviewed by my dear friend, Alicia and she asked some pretty great questions. Her questions and my answers are below. If you're interested in being interviewed by me... just let me know in a comment...

1. Your sweet little Aidan is coming home soon! How do you think being his mom at home will differ from being his mom in the nicu?

Geesh – this is a good question! Well for one I’ll have to do all the work! Hehe. The past two months have been interesting to say these least with Little Aidan in the NICU. Unfortunately, living almost 2 hours away has been very hard on us. The first week he was there we drove back and forth every day. We had the grandparents with us and we thought it wouldn’t be so hard… plus we have a dog and two cats that still need to be taken care of. Driving back and forth took its toll on us and we were very tired. Then we had to go back to work. I decided to take my maternity leave when he came home since that’s when I’d really need it. We would go up on our days off and if we got a couple days in a row we would stay at the Ronald McDonald House and kennel the dog.

It was quite a while before I even got to hold Aidan every time we went up there. When he was on the oscillator ventilator he was sedated and we couldn’t hold him at all. And even after that we had to limit holding him because he was too small to regulate his own temperature.

So for several weeks I have driven into Baltimore and sat, just sat, at his incubator. I would sit for hours just looking at him. Every 3 hours cares are done so occasionally I would get to take his temperature and change his diaper and then I would go pump. I’ve tried nursing him only 3 times. And I have yet to even dress him.

I honestly cannot wait until I get to take care of him. I’m scared to death!!! He is so tiny and I just want him to grow and be strong, and be alright! The one thing that will not change is how much I love my little miracle!

2. With Aidan being born at 28 weeks, you missed experiencing almost the whole 3rd trimester of pregnancy. How do you feel about missing out on that time, and the experiences that go along with it?

First let me say I do not regret or blame myself for having Aidan early. And I want to make sure everyone knows that there was no reason for him to come early. There was nothing wrong with my pregnancy and nothing wrong with Aidan. He just came early!

That being said, I totally miss being pregnant and really wish I got to experience the 3rd trimester! I had 2 showers planned with family. One in Massachusetts and one in Maine. It would be the only time many family and friends would see me pregnant. Aidan was born 27 days before my Massachusetts shower and 34 days before my Maine shower.

The day I went into labor I had a breast feeding class that I made it to, but we missed Infant CPR (day after Aidan was born) and my 28 week OB appointment (2 days after he was born). I never even got to find out how much weight I had gained. The last time I was weighed was at my 24 week appointment. We also had a 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled that had to be cancelled. And I had wanted pregnancy photos to be done.
There are many things that I wish I had experienced. However, I got to meet my son a lot sooner than expected and to add a little side humor, got that tax deduction in too! And well, maybe next time I’ll get to do it all… because there will be a next time!

3. In your last post you talked about some things that you wanted to get back into. Can you tell us more about those things?

Scrapbooking, crafts, sewing, and now I want to do more cooking. I love scrapbooking. I got hooked only a couple years ago. The more I scrap the more I want to scrap. I have a creative eye and love to decorate. I love to write as well and while I was pregnant I got too tired to scrap or do much of anything. When I got home from work I had all I could do to cook dinner. I was in bed by 10 every night and that was only because I forced myself to stay up that late to spend time with my husband.

I like digital art as well and web design and I am creating Aidan’s website,

My current projects include Aidan’s website, his birth/coming home announcements; which I am doing myself in photoshop, and an activity mat for him…. I am eager to share the progress with you all.

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Do I have to pick just one place??? He he. Ideally, I’d “travel” back to Maine and stay there. Close to family and friends and be a stay at home mom to Aidan and hopefully his brothers and/or sisters… yes plural, my dream is to have 5…. Ok maybe 3…

But, for sake of the interview I’d like to go to Alaska. I would really love to go with my family on an Alaskan Cruise and be on the water and see the glaciers and whales. Yes, part of me would love to go to Ireland or Italy or Greece… but if I don’t go to any of those places, it won’t break my heart. But Alaska… I really don’t want to be 80 and say, “why haven’t I gone there yet?”

5. Tell us about one family tradition you are excited to pass down to Aidan?

I haven’t really thought of this. I don’t even know if we have “traditions”. Well, except every year when we put up the Christmas tree we watch Elf and have hot chocolate!

I just have many things I want to do with him. I’m not into sports but I want to watch him play soccer or T-ball if that’s what he wants to do. I want to read and draw with him. I want to watch him play video games or learn to skateboard with his dad. I want Chris to teach him magic. And to ride a bike. I want his grammy (my mom) to teach him to fish and ski.

I want Aidan to meet my Gram & Gramp. And I want Aidan to be close to them like every other 16 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren are. I want to see him sit on my grandfathers lap and do silly things like curl up one lip like Elvis. And to watch him follow my grandmother out to the garden to get Mom and Dad some raspberries!

Oh gosh… now my eyes are all full of tears of joy and excitement. I have waited so long for Aidan to come to us and I don’t care what we do, I’ll be the happiest mom ever. I look forward to coming up with new traditions to share with Aidan, that’s for sure!


alicia said...

wow great answers!!! so glad you played along :)

I am so excited for you to start all these exciting things with Aidan! And for sure you will get pregnant again and get to experience all the joys of pregnancy to their fullest (until you really just want to have this baby already!!ahhhh) haha.


Lindsey said...

I loved this. I love getting to know you better! And I'm up for an interview if you are!